Old friends give into their desires. XXX Images

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A tale of revenge and re-invention.

Another ten minutes passed and then surely a creak from downstairs and then definitely the noise of her front door being both closed and locked! Julie braced herself and held her breathe once more.

A further 10 minutes passed without event. No further sound or sense reached Julie as she lay there immobile. No doubt, she thought, her mystery man was checking out her house. But her mind could not help but wonder if he were already rifling though her drawers downstairs in readiness of playing her for a fool. And then she felt a finger touch her thigh.

She nearly jumped out of her skin in fright. She had not heard him enter the room at all. The touch moved swiftly to her wet pussy and explored it at length, rubbing its lips, probing roughly inside and coming away completely slick with Julie's juices. Unseen by her the finger was then thrust up to her nose so she could breathe in her thick aroma of sex. It was like being one step behind for Julie, no sooner had she come to the realisation of what she was smelling than it was taken away and she felt him get up onto the bed and his bare legs straddle her stomach. A stomach that right then was full of butterflies. What on earth was she allowing to happen?

She could feel his stiff, wet cock slap between her breasts and knew he must be naked atop her, her body shivered with the thrill and anticipation of it. She felt him slide his body forward, his cock buried in her breast flesh and give himself a tit wank from her, using his hands to push her breasts together seeing as how they were stretched out by the positioning of her arms. Still he made no noise. After a few blissful moments of feeling his thick cock (and it felt oh so big) slide and slip between her tits she then sensed him re-position himself again and before she knew it she felt the tip of his cock at her mouth. Without a moments hesitation she opened her lips and let it enter. As the slick, musky length slid inside her mouth and filled it up until she felt his hairy balls on her chin she also felt him re-position again so that his knees were either side of her face and without warning he began to really fuck her mouth.

He still made little noise as he picked up his pace, thrusting his dick to the back of Julie's throat and probing even deeper and she had to wonder was this really the man who had been challenging her so much these past few weeks.

Julie could do little more than lie there and try to manage her face fucking, it wasn't as if she could move to alter the angle of entry or anything and that restriction simultaneously scared her and aroused her. She felt claustrophobic, her head trapped as it was between his thighs his arms either side of her two as he continued to thrust his penis into her gasping, drooling mouth.But just as she was starting to fully accommodate that monster in her mouth she got an even bigger surprise -- a tongue lapping suddenly at her pussy!

Her body jolted at the realisation that someone else was here.