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Her father couldn't argue over the elegance of the bottom of the dress, it was just the scanty amount of fabric at the top that took him aback. There were two narrow straps of the black satin and sheer gold that began at the shoulders and widened as they met at the high waistline, ending in a deep V between her breasts. In Marion's opinion, it was just as scanty as many of his wife's nightgowns, and a bit scantier than some of them. While Rose's breasts weren't exposed, a great deal of skin between them WAS. One was also left with the impression that she was wearing very little in the way of underwear, which was the case.

"Darling, it's all attached to the inside of the dress so there's no need for other undergarments to spoil the drape of the fabric. It's perfectly acceptable and, with her hair styled up that way, don't you think she looks marvelous?" Eve asked. "Just wait, darling, you'll see other girls dressed similarly, it's just a new style to get used to. But, none of them will look as lovely as our Rose, now will they?"

Before he could say anything else, there was a knock at the door. Mr. Thornton opened it to admit Jake Collier, looking immaculate in the elegant tuxedo with the stiff, white shirt, his hair and mustache impeccably groomed. He was amazed at the vision that was Rose and nearly forgot to hand the box containing the deep purple orchid wrist corsage to her. Once it was affixed, he helped her on with the sheer gold wrap which matched the overlay on her dress, and bidding farewell to the Thorntons, walked her to where his Uncle and Aunt awaited them in the large, black car.

While Jake had seen this new style of dress in New York, he'd never seen anyone wear it as well as Rose did. Perhaps the fact that he knew what the body that shifted and moved beneath the thin fabric looked like, that made it seem even more alluring. As he handed her out of the car, her breasts swayed forward beneath the fabric and he could see the outline of the soft globes clearly, as well as a flash of creamy white skin as the dress gapped away from her chest for a moment. Yes, the dress definitely accented Roses every womanly charm without being cheap. The two got many admiring and a few catty glances as they arrived.

Mr. and Mrs. Collier introduced Jake to several of their friends at the club as they waited for the Thornton's to arrive. Trudy took Rose aside for a moment and warned her that she'd been told that Arlen Morton was there with his French bride. Rose was appreciative, however realized that the prospect of running into them didn't bother her in the way that it might have even a few months ago. She realized that the potential of facing her former fianc__ while being on the arm of a man as debonair as Jake Collier was a prospect that she might even enjoy!

Once the Thorntons arrived, Marion saw that his wife was indeed correct and that, in fact, many of the young women at the dance were wearing dresses that were much more revealing than that which Rose was wearing. He sighed and accepted that the times were indeed changing and decided that Rose was one of the most striking women in the room. He enjoyed the attention that she was getting, after a year or so of being looked down upon due to her broken engagement.

The music started and the couples began filling the dance floor. Jake took infinite pleasure of finally having the object of his nighttime fantasies in his arms and they circled the floor in a well matched foxtrot. As the evening wore on, they discovered that they were well in step with each other and their dancing was effortless. Half way through the night the opinion of who was to be pitied over the broken Thornton/Morton engagement had shifted considerably. Rosemarie Thornton looked spectacular and was on the arm of a handsome stranger, while Arlen Morton and his haughty wife seemed to argue the entire evening.

The two couples had finally bumped into each other by the doors leading to the golf course