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Alone at last.

"Thinks he to conquer us in battle with a blade? Knows he not we are magical beings metal cannot bite? Lure him we shall, provoke his loins, gather his seed if we can."

They started a silent circle dance, slowly at first, then gradually growing faster. Ian looked at his flaming sword and realized it was the wrong weapon; Kadosh was a staff again, glowing once again to illuminate the dance. He stood there and watched, unmoving, not letting himself be tempted to action until he had a better idea what to do.

The dance circle widened, and individuals came within his reach, pausing to purse their lips, shake their bottoms, flaunt breasts at him, pinching their nipples and grimacing. In some ways, Ian found it rather silly, it was so unappealing.

On a whim, he struck a woman on the ass as she passed, and her response was immediate. She screamed and jumped in the air in surprise, then crouched in the center of the circle and bowed her head. The others laughed and started prancing, daring him to hit them the same way. He watched them as they circled again before hitting another one in the ass with a loud crack. That one responded in shock and glee before slinking into position with the other one.

So this was the game! Ian laughed out loud as the remaining four danced more fervently, leaping and taunting him more. Moving from his place, he darted around their dance, whacking their butts with glee and making them submit the same way. Finally all six were kneeling before him, silent and quivering. "What is my reward for your submission?"

They giggled and all sat on their haunches, their broad smiles glowing brighter than they should. "You we serve, o man, since you are of the blood and know our magic."

"Know your magic? How do I know your magic?"

"Our magic is wild magic, dependent on no godling nor earth, sky or sea. Mastered it is by mastering self. Master fear and wild magic serves you. You know this, did not your sire instruct you?"

"My grandsire taught me. He said nothing of this magic."

"Taught you to master fear he did. So taught you our magic he did."

"What do I do next?"

"We will take you to the Queenling, if you wish. As your grandsire and sire did before you, as did all of your house since they came to this land, the Queenling your will can strengthen, deepen the wild magic, succor you in trial. See her you will want to, lead you to her we will."

They popped to their feet and danced on the path, moving away down the path from him and beckoning him to follow them. As he took a step or two, Kadosh glowed more brightly, so he followed. As they went through the woods, footsteps scurried through the undergrowth; Ian knew this to be various satyrs and spirits paralleling their path. His staff gave him confidence, so his concern was short lived.

At last, they came to an a rock outcropping higher than his head. A gigantic fire burned before it, but the light was completely confined to the immediate area. Gathered around were various shaggy, goat like men, with gigantic testicles under their tails, and salivating wolves breathing heavily in the night air. A great silky slithering sound dominated the clearing, but standing on a small rock opposite the outcrop on the far side of the fire seemed to be where he was supposed to be. Kadosh stopped glowing.

A middle aged woman, naked and voluptuous appear on the outcropping, with pure white hair, black eyes, and long arms with long fingernails. Ian bowed from the waist and said what his instinct told him, "Your majesty."

"Rise, son of Xander, son of Eliezer, son of Motham, son of Jacrid, son of Athon. I know thee, Lost Heir, called by the name Ian. I know thy purpose, but thou must name it. Wouldst thou be my friend thou must name thy desire of me."

He stood there for a moment. "I would set the world Right," he said in a calm voice, that was heard in every corner of the assembly.

She raised up, revealing the thick body of a huge snake, put her hands on her hips, threw back her head, laughing

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