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Husband convinces naive wife to expose herself to strangers.

She sat back down on her chair feeling defeated.

"New evidence has come to light about our former King Carlos," said Sigmund holding up a worn diary. There were a few gasps out in the crowd.

"I know, Master of Seattle, you never expected to see this again did you?" asked Sigmund slyly.

"Excerpt from the diary of King Carlos: 'May 23rd 1605 -- I fear my time is growing short. Master of London, soon to be King Geoffrey is gaining too much support. But I will have my revenge. The seed has been planted and the woman has given birth to my child. Her son will carry my blood through the generations until the time to strike presents itself.'"

There were many audible gasps throughout the chamber as he read how the impossible had occurred. Vampires, because of the demon beast that lives inside them, are sterile and thus unable to bear children.

"How is this possible?" gasped one.

"Madam of Philadelphia, there are other notes in this diary that seem to indicate that King Carlos received the demon's kiss in 1348 when fighting against the three harbingers of the end of days. Something that was kept a secret by England's Inquisition until only recently," said Sigmund.

"The Sabre have identified three others apart from the Master of Seattle who were involved in this plot against King Carlos. They searched for this child for years but apparently King Carlos had her leave England. The genealogist has traced the bloodline to Russia in the 17th -- 18th century then Australia from the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century."

The doors opened and a wizened old man strode down the center aisle. "High Council, I have finished tracing King Carl's bloodline and it does indeed match up with King Carlos' statement in his diary. King Carl's bloodline just stops around 1600. He is a direct descendant from King Carlos," said the genealogist.


"This place is so ornate," said Joy in amazement as she carefully studied the elegantly crafted figurines standing on an ancient wooden chest.

"It's really old, isn't it?" asked Carl.

"Indeed. That bed is so massive! And I can't believe how huge the closet is," said Joy inspecting the bronze engraved doors.

"These vampires certainly have a thing for oak wood, don't they?" asked Carl.

"Yeah. All the furniture and doors are made from oak," she replied.

"God, this suit is getting really heavy," said Carl as he sighed with discomfort.

"I know. I wish we could do whatever it is they want us to do so we can go home and check on Laura and Aaron," said Joy. There was a loud knock on the door.

"I'll get that, Joy," said Carl as he walked to the door. He pulled on the handle pulling it open.

"Sire, its time that we escort you to the council chambers," said the guard.

"Come on, Joy," said Carl as they left the room. The guards walked in front of them, leading the way through the twisting tunnels and halls until they came to a double set of rich black marble doors inlaid with milky white veins. The door frame, which was made of solid bronze, glimmered in the torchlight.

"In here, Sire," said the guard, pushing the door open.

The assembled councillors turned and watched them enter the room. One of them leaped from his seat and ran at Carl with a dripping dagger. Carl dodged his attack and drew his sword then slammed it through his attacker's chest. He screamed before becoming cinder. Sigmund sighed and muttered "Idiot," before he then said louder, "Rex, send a messenger to Seattle. Tell them the second in command is the new Master."

The guard standing at the door bowed and said "At once, High Council."

"Your Highnesses, there is a formal ceremony that will bond you to the people," said Sigmund.

Carl tensed and looked to Joy.

"Bring her forth!" called out Sigmund. "There is one special vampire that links us all together. To rule us effectively you both need to partake of her blood."

"Do not remove her veil.

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