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Kelly and Jenny are back

"I'll sit across from you on the right, and Violet will be next to me, on your left. Okay?"

"Why are the slaves giving the orders," I asked?

"We're not giving orders, we're just setting the stage for this evening's debauchery" Violet clarified.

"Oh my goodness, I said. You two seem determined to have your way no matter what I think."

"That's right," Violet said.

"With you, that is," Rose added.

"Pardon me?"

"Have our way with you," Rose giggled.

I shook my head, smiled at the energy in the room and began fussing with the wine.

Violet and Rose went to the kitchen to prepare the evening's repast.


Whoever says a meal needs to be cooked before it is edible needs to rethink food.

The first course were plates of figs, nuts, and avocado slices arranged around salmon sashimi, cut the way the girls learned when they took a sushi making class. We had a wonderfully dry white, chilled perfectly to accompany the course. The girls made us eat everything with our fingers.

"Daddy, can I ask you another question," Rose said as she licked the last remnants of an avocado slice from her fingers?

"What was the first question?"

"Just that, she giggled. Can I ask you another question?"

"I'm not sure I understand."

"Rose is being silly," Violet said,. "The wine seems to be making her silly."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"No, I'm not." The first question is can I ask you another question? I'm just being specific in my speech."

"Oh," I said. "I get it. Sure. Fire away."

"See," she said turning to her sister. Then turning back to me she asked, "How many different ways did you and Mom have sex?"

"Whoa girl."

"Remember, anything goes," Violet reminded me.

"Okay," I responded.

"Well," Rose asked?

"What do you mean?"

"Like oral sex, anal sex, mutual, you know..." Violet added, "wanking as the Brits are wont to say."

"Oh. Hmmm," I thought. I better couch my answer in terms that were not too explicit.

"We had no boundaries," I finally answered. "Why?"

"Because, whatever you and Mom did sexually, is what I..." "We," Violet added.

"We want to do. We want our love to, as you so beautifully..."

"And diplomatically..."

"Beautifully and," Rose nodded to Violet, "so diplomatically answered. We too, want our love to know no boundaries."

"No boundaries," Violet repeated.

I thought of the limitless possibilities a world with no boundaries would offer. I began to feel a stirring in my loins.

"Time for the next course," I said changing the subject.

The next course was oysters on the half-shell.

Need I say more?

The girls insisted I let them feed me three apiece. So I did.

"Now," said Violet. "You have to feed us."


"Because it's what Ethiopians do for their guests and loved ones."

"Really," Rose questioned?

"Really. They say," Violet explained, "you cannot be enemies with a person who has put food in your mouth and vice-versa."

"Oh my god, Rose said. " How sensible is that?"

"I agree," I added. "If everyone fed everyone else, then...

"Daddy. "Will you put it in my mouth?"

"ROSE!" Violet shrieked.

"What. We talked about it all last week. Daddy takes my mouth first."

"Girls, girls. For goodness sake."

"Well we did talk about it Daddy," Violet confirmed. "Okay. But I have some say in this matter don't you think?"

"Not a chance bub," Rose said firmly. "If we let you have anything to do with this, it will never get done or it will get done all messy and stuff."

"We don't want that Daddy. Rose and I have planned, no choreographed this evening to the last detail. We know what we're doing and it is exactly what we want, both as our introduction to womanhood, and for the most memorable entrance to that state of being that could ever possibly be."

"That is absolutely correct," Rose added.