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She rescues girl and intiaties her as her slave girl.

The idea of removing my panties in front of these men, showing them my most private of areas, was unnerving but it was where my breasts were concerned that I was truly timid. I had bloomed a bit late and even at that age I was still torn between being embarrassed at their sudden growth or that they had not yet grown enough. When wearing anything my first priority was to make sure it fit well up there. I knew my butt looked good in a pair of jeans but I still wasn't comfortable with my bust line at all. The under-wired teddy had graciously enhanced and somewhat hid me till now but the idea of leaving my breasts uncovered for their eyes was petrifying.

I was still debating this ridiculous choice when the fat man grew impatient.

"Are we gonna see something or not Lowery? I drove six hours for this shit, loosen this bitch up already!" Then he turned back to me. "Take it off sweetheart or I'll take it off for you!"

Before I could react Mr. Lowery interjected but not in any way I might have hoped.

"Maybe Mr. Louis has a point Shaylee. I realize this is hard for you. A little help might be a good idea but I don't think Mr. Louis is the right one to offer it. He seems a bit anxious, don't you think?" he laughed when he said this but a hard cast of his eyes as he glanced to the fat guy told me there was a warning there. I was subtly relieved that in some way Mr. Lowery was in charge of this presentation and he was maintaining some sort of discipline. The relief would be short lived.

Mr. Lowery turned to the guy with the classes and the younger guy next. "Harvey, Drew? Do you want to do the honors?"

Both men rose instantly, the younger man chiding the fat Mr. Louis for cheating himself of this opportunity. The fat guy spit a slur at him but remained seated, watching intently. The two men approached me and I had to fight not to flinch as they stepped in close, in front and back. Behind me the man with glasses, Harvey I assumed, reached down and grabbed the frilly bottom of the babydoll, rolling the material in his hands and preparing to draw it up. To my front, the younger man knelt down and slowly ran his hands up the sides of my thighs until a couple fingers hooked into the thin waistband of my panties. He must be Drew I thought and the name shot a memory through me like a bolt of electricity.

My father had promoted to manager three years before and replaced his former boss who had taken an even higher position somewhere else. As a silly girl in junior high I hadn't paid much attention back then to his professional dealings or co-workers but had met a few. As this man prepared to tug my panties down, inches from his face, I suddenly realized I knew him. He was the previous manager, Drew Morrison, my father had introduced us at his promotion party. He had teased and picked on me that evening like a newly discovered uncle. I had liked him, I remembered that, with a sort of crush-like infatuation that only adolescent girls can experience. He had been young, still was, muscular and handsome and had treated me like a young lady instead of a little girl. Now here he was, his face only inches from my tummy, about to pull off my panties.

After combing his eyes over my legs, belly and crotch for several seconds he looked up and made eye contact.

"You remember me don't you Shaylee." He stated, not really asking at all. He knew I did. The connection somehow intensified the unbearable intimacy of that moment. This was no stranger but a man I knew, had spoken to, even crushed on. The realization made me nauseous, my legs trembling. What was happening to me was impossible.

In the next second the baby-doll teddy was drawn up briskly, my arms lifting without warning as the material slid up across my waist, my chest, shoulders and finally over my head.

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