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Lonely white wife discovers love again. XXX Video

Malon pleasures Linkette's massive futa cock.

I was feeling enormously confused and amazingly aroused. I had never done anything as outrageously sordid as this and the sheer squalidness of the situation seemed to appeal so strongly to me. That made me feel a little worried, but there was so much going in that I pushed that from my mind and acknowledged that it would be a topic I would think about later.

Barely audibly I whispered. "No not now" as my fingers as if with a mind of their own ran across my tummy just above my pubes.

"Do you suck your husband?" He asked.


"So why not suck me?" He asked stroking his appealingly sturdy cock.

"It's too soon" I groaned as I stroked my tummy.

"Later then?"

"Maybe, I don't know, I hardly know you" I stammered so confused, worried and full of guilt at what I was doing

I could see his eyes on my hand. "Oh yes baby, you horny, dirty bitch, go on play with yourself."

I lifted my hand and cupped my breast as I slid the fingers on the other one into my thatch of pubes.

"Stick your fingers up your twat you filthy slag."

"You're gonna fucking beg me to shove this up your cunt aren't you."

I shook my head.

Still with my skirt held up against my tummy I thought I was werring myself because I could feel something warm running down my thigh as Stevie wanked so fast I thought his tattoos might fly off his arm. It wasn't pee though that was soaking my thighs!

He soon began grunting and grinding his teeth. I recognised the familiar sounds and gestures. He stepped forward and dropped my panties onto the kitchen table.

"Are you ready?" He mumbled. I nodded.

With one last furious stroke he sighed....then a long stream of cum shot out and landed on my knickers then he stepped even closer and forced another two short spurts out until they were coated in the stuff.

I'd never witnessed anything like that. It was probably the filthiest thing I had ever seen and without doubt, by an enormous margin the most wanton and disgusting I had been involved in. But it was also one of the most exciting experiences imaginable; I was now so excited I thought I might feint.

"God.....that was fucking great" he panted. "Did you enjoy that?"

I nodded.

"You gonna play with yourself now?" He asked in his soft Northern Irish brogue.
I desperately wanted to but shook my head.

"But you want to cum, don't you?" He asked in a concerned manner.

I shrugged my shoulders as he shuffled around the table, his jeans still around his ankles.

"Will you let me lick you out then?"

This was just going from worse to worse or, better and better dependent on how you looked at it. He didn't wait for an answer

He quickly whipped his t-shirt off revealing a chest and arms covered in Celtic tattoos.

He then swivelled me round and lifted me onto the table with my bum on the edge. As he did that the hem of my skirt slipped down and he pushed it up so it was around my waist again leaving my sexual parts exposed for him. I don't think I'd ever had sex -- definitely not oral sex -- without having a shower first to clean up. This was so spontaneously horrendous and dirty and I just loved it.

"Undo your blouse" he growled.

I didn't even think of objecting. With shaking fingers I quickly undid the buttons on the pale grey, silk blouse.

"Take it off" he grunted wiping his softening, but not soft, dick with my panties.

I dropped it onto the table.

"Get yer tits out."

I did.

"Fuck me look at those bazoomas, they're fucking great. Squeeze 'em." I did.

He moved closer shoving his body between my legs pushing my knees apart.

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