An explosive first encounter. XXX Images

I surprise you with an unexpected visit...

Her taking it off wouldn't look odd she reasoned. Since everyone was busy swimming, no one would really look at her.

She actually began to pull on the shirt hem. With a lift of her bottom, she had gotten it out from being pinned under her. She had to stop though, not sure if she should move on. She felt so much like she was on a pedestal. Even though it would look so normal and nothing out of the ordinary to everyone else, Mary knowing the truth made it all the difference to her.

She wasn't just taking off her shirt to sit out in a bikini. She was undressing, stripping, and even exposing herself. She may have been covered underneath, but it wasn't as innocent as a swimsuit. This was her underwear, clothing that wasn't meant to be just shown off to people. She blushed in her seat, knowing how all these thoughts were making her feel.

Mary's wiggling only help prove to Mary how underdressed she was. She could feel the small bit of material, her panties, between her bottom and the seat she was on. She couldn't get the thoughts out of her head at this point. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help herself any more. Logically she told herself nothing could go wrong, and something inside wanted her to do it. Without stopping, Mary forced herself to pull the shirt up and off her body, setting it to the side.

She for a moment couldn't breathe. The moments were going so slow for her. She gazed at so many people to see if any were staring. The bits of her exposed skin felt as if they were tingling. It was all so odd to Mary really. It wasn't like she hadn't ever worn a bikini. Yet something about it all made it feel so much more, be it the situation or perhaps it was because of her mindset at that time.

The bra and panties were matching, a black that contrasted her skin very well. Lucky for Mary they lacked any frills or anything largely disguising from perhaps a bathing suit. Mary looking down at herself knew she could tell, but she told herself that was due to proximity and that she knew that they weren't a swimsuit.

It was a good thing no one around was having a hard time swimming. Mary may have been too out of it to notice or react fast enough. She gripped the sides of the high up chair, trying to keep her mind off the many things she was thinking. She wanted to give her body the chance to cool down. Since morning, there had been a want, a tingle, something always growing and never going. Now as she thought about her high up show, she couldn't help but feel it reaching max again. She had never known a want quite like this. It was a good thing she was able to control herself, because she knew she'd regret it if she let her hands wander.

Time went by, Mary never leaving the many thoughts. She was actually starting to forgive her friends in her mind. She realized that the whole time, she never did get in trouble. The worst that happened was her embarrassment in front of them. Of course this would lead her to blush, thinking about what they have seen and know now. She wasn't sure how she was going to face them now. She had some fears of what more they could have her do too.

She tried taking her mind off by futzing with her shirt. She twisted it and twirled it. Of course when it slipped from her hand and fell to the ground, she wanted to kick herself. She just lost her cover. She knew she couldn't climb down to get it; it would be too weird and only bring her closer to possibly being discovered. She did her best to sit tight where she was for the remainder of the time they were there.

The day moved on and with a setting sun, Mary called out to everyone to head on back to camp. As they turned to look at though, Mary felt as if a billion butterflies had just started fluttering in her stomach. She almost regretted getting everyone's attention. To keep herself from stammering, she quickly let them know dinner would be done soon and to go on their own.

Mary was too worried to go down near everyone.