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A secret game is played by siblings.

I closed my pen and notebook.

"The Lady returns your compliments, Sir, and wishes you drink to good health." With that, she set down the glass and vanished. I raised the glass to my lips, savoring the great thick head. Never had a beer tasted so fine.

Not completely surprised, but very pleased, the black Guinness was soon followed by the woman in the snug-fitting black leather.

"I like your taste," she said simply, standing across the table from me.

I was just about on fire, but I wasn't about to let on, and I felt I couldn't dare. "Many thanks for the beer," I said, nodding to her. "You are dressed very nicely." Exquisitely, in fact: the leather skirt just over her knees, the tall boots, the black gloves, the bolero jacket, the black silk blouse underneath.

"Thank you. You're nicely dressed as well."

I wasn't about to admit how she affected me. I tried like mad to calm the butterflies, to be smooth and calm. I had no idea how she'd chosen me out of the group of Neanderthals and I really did not want to wreck this. Don't blow it, I told myself. I had something of a record of speaking before I thought, which had cost me a few relationships in the past.

"Jackie," she said simply as she took a glove off. She extended a bare hand to me, which I took in both hands, squeezed slightly, and released. "Short for Jacqueline, which is a mouthful. You?"

She began to pull her other glove off, then carefully laid them on the table and smoothed them out. I had an impression that after her travels and after the nonsense she'd recently deflected in the bar, that she felt like she'd finally arrived at her destination. "May I join you?"

"Please do," I answered. She smoothed her skirt and sat across from me. I could just see her boots without obviously staring as she sat sideways on her chair. "Mick," I said, "short for Michael, which is a syllable less than yours, and not so much of a mouthful."

"So it is," she said. "But that's a nice name, too." She placed her hands on the table, one atop the other on her gloves.

I wondered if she was as nervous as I was. "But a big mouthful, you say? How big is big?" There I went: speaking before thinking again.

"Like this," she answered. She drained her glass in one swallow. Granted, there wasn't much left, but I got to thinking about the frat-house drinking games.

"Yes, I'd agree that was a mouthful, but it was a mouthful of beer," I said. I had something else entirely in mind.

"And your point is...? Or maybe I should add, 'A mouthful of what?'" she said.

Could this really be happening, and going the direction I secretly hoped? Might be no harm in finding out. "Depends on what you want, I think. There are other mouthfuls. A mouthful of steak, for instance."

"I'll bet your mother said something along the lines of take smaller bites. But I don't think your mother's here. Plus, I think you know very well what I mean. Now answer the question."

I was cornered. "Steak can be a big mouthful, m'dear. And to answer your question, as big as you need." I paused. "Maybe more. More than a mouthful."

"More?" she idly fingered the gloves. She place both hands were under her chin, and the effect was fantastically erotic. "I need a lot," she said in a low voice.

"What you need," I said, still talking before I thought, "is a good, stiff, fucking." I carefully pronounced and emphasized the last word.

She visibly startled, and her hands moved in such a way that I thought fleetingly I was going to get her gloves or knuckles across my face. She seemed to take some effort to get herself under control, but her answer made me jump at least as much as she had.

"Fuck..." she hissed. "That has got to be about the baldest, most straight-forward line I have ever heard..."

My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my throat. I felt like I was outside myself, watching, as I answered. "Direct and to-the-point is sometimes the best," I offered.

"Boy, you better believe it is," she countered, her voice yet quieter, but even more

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