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The one in her pocketbook mirrored the one in the car. There were no mysterious phone conversations recorded. The home video cameras only recorded Michael moving away from them when he put them in place and occasionally Fran as she came in after work. She hadn't used her laptop since he installed the new software so the only recordings it made were Michael signing off. And, every time he checked the laundry basket for her cum soaked panties he found only dirty clothes.

No men, no screwing, no nothing.

"Shit, fifteen hundred dollars down the drain," Michael mumbled to himself as he returned the last of the video cameras to its hiding place. "Maybe I need a different plan." After thinking about it for a while he remembered one of the common mistakes cheating wives made: When the hubby went out of town the wife always got with the lover to play. "That's what I'll do. I'll go out of town for a few days. I'll say it's training for work. Then I'll follow her and catch her in the act. I'll need a good camera with a long lens to get pictures. And I'll need a rental car so she won't recognize mine. I can stay at a motel nearby when I'm not in the car. Yeah, that's the ticket."

After work the next day Michael went shopping for the camera ($900), arranged for the rental car ($95 a day) and booked the hotel room ($89 a day). When he got home Fran was making dinner as he walked in.

"Hey, I've got to go out of town for a few days next week," Michael said. "They're sending me for a training class Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's not that far away so I won't need to fly, I'll just drive it. It's only a four hour drive. I'll leave Wednesday after work and be back sometime Sunday."

"Sorry to hear that. I had thought we could go out to that new caf__ on Lexington for dinner on Friday. Oh well, I'll try to find something to do to keep out trouble." She went back to stirring whatever was in the pot in front of her. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes so go clean up and set the table."

As Michael washed his hands he thought, "That was too easy. She's obviously got something on her little mind. This time I'll catch her I just know it and then she's going to burn like the cheating bitch she is."


Early Wednesday morning, Michael packed a bag with the stuff he would need for the 'training' weekend and put it in his car. Before he left he checked the cameras and phone recorder. He reset the two GPS devices last night. Then he drove to the motel, checked in, parked his car and walked across the street to the car rental office to pick up his rental car. Everything was ready so he drove home and parked down the street in a place where he had a good view of the front of his house. He turned the car off, sat back in the seat and waited. His thoughts drifted and soon he was thinking of what she must be doing.

The springs of their bed squeaked as the buff man plowed his long cock into Fran's wanton pussy. "Fuck me harder. I want it deep, I want it hard. Make me cum. NOW GODDAMNIT!" she yelled. Their two sweat soaked bodies wrestled on the bed as his cock pumped in and out. With her legs wrapped around his ass she yanked his body to hers demanding that his stroking become faster and faster. His moaning and her screaming filled the bedroom and was loud enough to be heard by the next door neighbors. Harder and harder he fucked her. "Yes, yes, yes," was all she could manage to say. He arched his back and rammed his pelvis between her outstretched thighs one last time as his giant load filled her womb and dribbled down her ass crack. They both screamed as they came at the same time.

Michael shook his head. "Shit, I've got to stop thinking about what that slut's doing. She's driving me fucking crazy."

All day he sat in the car and followed her wherever she went.