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The training of Simran's mother as Josh's slave. XXX Video

Lady of the house seduces hot and sweaty stable boy.


Her pretty brown eyes were reddened and weeping as if sore and scratched. I quickly levelled the chair seat and sat her down then went to get water. She dabbed a tissue in it and wiped at her eyes.

"I can't see properly. Help me to the loo so I can wash up and take a look?"

"Sure." So I did. When we got there she immediately noticed some eye makeup staining on her white blouse. She swore and tried to wipe at it with the wet tissue and succeeded in getting the stain out but at the cost of a partly translucent blouse and sheer bra. Which I ogled in the mirror.

As she made sure the stain was gone I watched her nipple harden and poke out at the wet spot, so transparent now that her dark nipple and pink flesh were visible through both layers of fabric. I had noticed her large, pendulous breasts before and now I could practically see one of them. Then she realised the fact and looked into the mirror at my ogling eyes. I tried to look away quickly: I'd clearly been caught but she was smiling wickedly.

"Naughty David. I'd get you on sexual harassment just for what you're thinking."

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Sorry."

"No you're not. You got a good eyeful. Shit half my boob is visible!" and she covered it with her hand.

"Three quarters..."

"Hahaha. Get lost so I can sort myself out."

I teased. "Sure you can see OK now? I don't mind staying. Just to help, you know."

"Just to perve you mean. No, go away. I need to pee. Oh, unless you think you'd like to perve on me doing that too?"

I gulped and blushed a little. I was in the ladies' toilet with this tall Amazon goddess and she was teasing me. The hand covering her breast dropped. I looked into her eyes and saw she had done that deliberately. She was inviting me to look at it, and I did.

"Well? Would you like to see that? The bulge in your jeans seems to have answered for you"

Fuck. Holy shit. She was offering to piss in front of me. I gulped again and she saw the tension in my face which was being matched in my pants.

"Of course you would. OK Davey-boy, lock the door." I did. "I'm gonna give you a show and you're gonna give me one too. How about it?"

"Fuck Helen. I'm hard just thinking about it."

"Yeah so I saw. Look, I don't want contact OK? I love to be an exhibitionist and I like to watch too, but I'm not offering you sex. Understood?"

What was I to do, politely decline and get back to work?


With that she unbuttoned her blouse and reached back to unsnap her bra. The weight of those boobs now unrestrained caused them to lower a couple of centimetres, and she hauled them up and rested them on top of her bra which made them perk upwards despite their size and apparent weight.

"You like?"

"Shit yeah."

"Show me something too."

I needed no further encouragement. I unbuckled my belt, dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor and stood there with my hard-on pointed directly a her. I'm uncut and although not huge, my dick is still a good size. Her appreciative gaze confirmed it.

She then wriggled her tight navy skirt up and over her hips and I saw silky white knickers with a tell-tale damp patch where her pussy lips challenged the prison they were in, trying to get out. Helen saw my jaw drop and giggled.

"OK buddy. Wank. Get hot. I want to see you cum."

I started. Helen put her right hand on her mound, outside her panties, and pulled at each nipple with her left. They were already hard, but she now got them swollen so they pointed straight out. She was looking intently at my dick, almost trance-like as if the rest of me wasn't even there.

Her breathing quickened and she put her hand inside her knickers now. The damp patch on them was now a distinct wet spot. My turn to do some directing.

"Show me."

Her eyes momentarily met mine then returned to my dick but she obliged by pulling the panties down, stepping out of them while steadying herself with a hand on my shoulder which then went straight back to tweaking her nipples.

Her pussy was gorgeous.

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