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Brother seduces sister while playing Twister. XXX Video

She is left to fantasize while she waits for him.


"Danny? Are you OK?" She asked, that smile still on her face.

"Uhh...yea. I will go look."

I managed to get the cord plugged in, strung it out the window. I found the problem quickly, there was a foot long section of plastic water line running up into the house, just like mine. All the houses on our block looked about the same, every other one was reversed though.

There was a shutoff lever on the water line, I tried to turn the handle and it wouldn't move. Looking around, I saw the crawl space vents were uncovered, and the water line was only a foot away from the opening.

I went to work, it took quite awhile. I was shivering with cold, I had left my house so fast I hadn't even grabbed a coat. All I had on was my blue jeans, socks, shoes, and a shirt.

Finally I felt the lever give slightly, and heard a tiny little gurgle of water. It grew louder, the handle worked freely now. I moved it open and closed several times. I checked for leaks, there didn't seem to be any.

"I hear water running!" Marilee called out from inside. I found the crawl space cover and put it in place, installed the vent covers and managed to slide out of there and get up. I couldn't feel my feet, or my hands, and I was shivering uncontrollably.

I picked up the cord and the dryer and went back inside. I checked the kitchen first, then the bathroom, Marilee had mercifully flushed the toilet, it was refilling again.

"Hey, would you like some coffee, I have some, I had it set on automatic from last night." I heard her call out from the kitchen.

"Sure, that sounds good, I am freezing."

She walked out with two cups, took one look at me still trembling. She had on a huge white T-shirt now, one glance told me it had probably belonged to the goon she was with before. The neckline on the thing came way down leaving the tops of her breasts bare, the bottom of it was halfway down her ankles.

"Oh, you poor dear!" She said, handing me the cup. I sat down in one of her chairs. She stepped behind me, began briskly rubbing my shoulders and arms, lord did that feel good.

"Forgot to grab a coat." I muttered.

"Here, I will warm you up!" She went around and sat down on the floor, hiked up the T-shirt to the middle of her thighs, crossed her legs and peeled off my shoes and socks. Then she started rubbing my feet.

White panties. Plain white panties. Just sitting there, her knees apart, letting me look at her white panties. My head began to almost spin, she was rubbing my feet.

White panties!! I got a boner that felt like it was going to snap right in half, hung up on my pants. I needed desperately to reach down and adjust it, give it some room.

But Marilee was sitting right in front of me..with the crotch of her white panties on display. I couldn't just reach down and...

My dick was starting to hurt.

I reached down, gave myself a tug, my cock came loose and turned upright.

"Oh! I am sorry, I didn't mean to..." She saw the motion, glanced up at the expression on my face, then she looked down at my crotch again and giggled.


I just plain reached for her, she didn't hit me or anything, just gave me a sly smile and leaned forward as I leaned way down to kiss her. I couldn't quite reach her properly and slid off the edge of the chair right on top of her.

I reached out to catch myself and got a handful of tit. Somehow I managed to slide over to the side of her, but I never let go.

Just like that we were kissing, and she sure as hell wasn't doing any resisting. It only took me maybe two seconds to get my hand under her T-shirt, those things were so damn nice and soft that I lost track of where I even was. Now she was letting out some soft little moans.

That encouraged the hell out of me, to be honest.

I ran my hand up and down her side, the skin felt as soft as warm butter, when my hand got to her hip I felt the side of her pantie. I hooked my thumb in it, she just kept right on kissing me.

I started tugging at that white pantie, she lifted her ass to help me, first one side, then the other.

Down her legs they went, then

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