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Friends spent a wet afternoon at a Theme Park.

She obliged and walked over to his desk, and he stood and moved back from the table just enough so she could stand in front of him.

As she leaned over to look in the eyepiece, she was instantly enveloped in his intoxicating scent, and she could feel his green eyes looking at her tight ass in the sexy black skirt. She wiggled slightly, feigning a better viewing position in the microscope, knowing exactly what he was seeing: long, tan legs leading up to a runner's perfect ass. The pencil skirt hugged all of her curves and left little to the imagination when leaning over the way she was.

She arched her back slightly and felt her blouse shift up her back, exposing a small amount of skin above the waistband. She heard him exhale sharply and then felt his warmth move towards her. A wave of pleasure spread through her as he pressed his body ever so gently against her backside.

He placed his large hands on her waist and pulled her upright. His hands continued to move up her sides until they reached the base of her breasts. Halting there, he leaned down to kiss the side of her neck.

Instinctively she leaned her head to the side to allow him better access. She closed her eyes and traced her hands over her body until they were on top of his. Then she guided his hands over her breasts and left them there, giving him permission to explore the rest of her body on his own. Gently he pressed his palms over each of her perky, B-cup-sized breasts that easily filled his hands. He reached further and began unbuttoning her blouse, one by one, until her lacy bra was revealed. She could feel the aching of her rock-hard nipples, screaming to be licked and nibbled, and she reached back over her shoulder to caress the back of his neck and scalp, pulling him closer to her.

Suddenly he turned her around so they were face-to-face. The rapid movement surprised her, and she let out a squeal of excitement. He leaned into her body, pressing his rigidly erect cock into her stomach as he pushed her against the table. Her stance automatically widened to allow him to stand between her legs.

He continued kissing her neck, now in the front, and nibbled on her earlobe before dropping lower towards her chest. She let her head roll back, enjoying the sensation of his warm lips on her skin.

He moved his face between her breasts and slowly nudged the edge of her bra until her nipple was exposed. She moaned loudly as he enveloped her hard nipple in his soft, warm mouth. His hands moved down to her ass and pulled her closer to his body as he continued to lick her nipple.

She ran her hands through his soft, recently-cut hair and cried out in pain as he softly bit her nipple. Looking up at her face to take in her surprised look, he smiled devilishly before diving back down to pleasure her other nipple in his mouth.

Her hands continued down his chest and stomach, pulling up his shirt so she could marvel at his chiseled torso. She moved downward and toyed with the waistband of his shorts, waiting for his permission to proceed. He responded by leaning down and running his hands up her smooth thighs, pulling her skirt up until he reached her waist, then he picked her up off the floor and placed her on the edge of the table, moving in between her spread legs.

She commenced her exploration by running her fingers along his waist, then slipped them inside the elastic band of his boxers. She drew one hand out and pressed it against the length of his shaft, cupping his balls at the base of his penis. With her other hand she quickly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled the zipper down to release his quivering member. She gasped as his full erectness sprang free from his shorts and hit her in the stomach.

She looked up at him, biting her lower lip, silently asking him for instructions.