A young man becomes an older woman's toy. XXX Images

A lovely submissive bends to her master's new submissive.

"East lass, it's just Black Pete." Her father's old friend grinned at her. "How many dozen you kill so far?"

"Only a few, but I've just gotten started." She replied shakily.

"Well, there will be time for that later. We don't want to waste too many more arrows on those shields. This isn't the first time we've seen the Hestens use a shield wall. We should break contact to see if they'll follow, and if not, hit them again when they've let their guard down."

"That makes sense. Sound the bugle."

Before he could one of the other clans beat him too it. The sharp noise punctuated the din of battle, and all around her the tribesmen began to sift back into the forest. Rosalind and Black Pete stepped backwards, firing a few last hours to cover each other's retreat deeper into the forest.

"They're running! Don't let them get away!" The booming voice was soon followed by another blast from their trumpets. The orc squares began to spread out in long line and plunged after them into the forest.

"Heh, the fools. They fall for it every time!" Black Pete grinned savagely as he took down another orc with an arrow.

Rosalind aimed one as well, and a moment later felled a charging orc with an arrow through his heart. Well, at least she assumed orc hearts were in the same place as human ones. Other tribesman began to turn and fire as well, sending more orcs into the dirt.

They continued to fire and move, drawing the orcs deeper into the forest. The further they got, the more the orc lines broke apart as their soldiers got split apart by the rough terrain. Her own forces were quick to exploit it, punching through the gaps in small bands to strike at the orcs from behind.

Black Pete looked around as more of the tribe began to form up around him. "Might as well make our stand here; we'll bloody 'em some more for a little bit and then break off again."

Rosalind could only nod as she slung her bow and grabbed her spear. Her throat was dry from all the running and shooting. Not to mention that she was nervous to be engaging in hand to hand combat for the first time. It already seemed like a lifetime ago she had killed someone for the first time!

"Hang back a bit lass, no need for you to get up close and personal. Stay back and stab when you see an opening."

As much as she hated it, Black Pete's advice made sense. Physically she was no match for an orc: they had her on size, reach, and strength. So Rosalind allowed the other men to form a line to take the lead. They formed a semi-circle and advanced on the nearest pocket of orcs. The tribesmen enveloped the orcs and began stabbing them from all sides.

Rosalind watched breathlessly as her men clashed with the orcs. Though they weren't as well armed as the orcs, at least in this section of the battle they had the advantage in numbers and position. The orcs were slowly herded together as they were prodded at the point of the tribe's spears. Ferrick, a young warrior who grew up with Melinda, managed to get behind the orcs and ran his spear into the beast's back. Ferrick grinned in triumph as his spear tasted blood for the first time.

The orc roared in pain as the tip of the spear cut through his flesh. He swung back with his shield and cracked Ferrick on the side of the head and wiped the smile from his face. The young man lowered his spear and stumbled back, stunned. When the orc raised his axe to finish the job Rosalind saw her opportunity. She rushed in and thrust her own spear into the orc's armpit. Without any armor to protect him there it slid deeply in and up.

The orc cried out in pain as his shoulder dislocated and blood poured from the open wound. He turned back to Rosalind, who quickly scurried back behind the line. Black Pete followed through a moment later, finishing the orc off.

Rosalind looked at Ferrick, who gave her a grateful smile and nodded.