A bonfire to remember. XXX Images

A young woman's first trip to a nudist resort.

The man looked at me and Adam and smiled, then did as Annette asked and pulled out a selection of diamond rings with very expensive prices.

"Pick out which ones you think Kelly and Alison will love and SSU will pay for it!" She said to us.

We looked at each other and shrugged, then examined a good portion of the engagement rings. It took about a whole half hour before we each decided on a pair of identical white gold rings a big gold gemstone in the center, and small diamonds covering half the ring. According to the clerk, both rings were over $12,000, but they were among the most popular. Annette looked at them and said they looked very similar to my mom's original ring that Dad got her when they got married. She said that she herself helped him pick it out. That idea sold me, so Adam and I bought the rings and put them in small boxes, his black, mine white.

Before we left, we also bought two pairs of tungsten wedding bands with black diamonds, to be worn when we each got married, which cost over $800 each. We intentionally decided to get identical wedding bands to ensure that we would all look like we were collectively married to each other, to both ourselves and anyone we met. Afterwards, we got back in the limo and drove back to the hotel. No sex was performed in the car, as we were saving ourselves for later.

Once we got back to the hotel, Annette reminded us that the Orgy of the day was happening in the gym, and made a joke about needing a leather bra. We didn't know what she meant but we soon found out a few hours later.

We went back to our room, and upon opening the door, was met with a very hot sight Everyone was fucking doggy style around their bed, the guys fucking their girlfriends while facing the bed, while on the bed Kelly and mom were eating each other's pussies! I quickly dropped my shorts and grabbed Adam's arm, pulling him to the bed and bending over. He quickly took hold of his erect dick and shoved it up my ass, pounding fast as we watched our girls sucking each other. As he fucked me, I began to moan and the sounds coming from my mouth resonated into the girls ears. Kelly and mom looked up at us and grinned, then dislodged from each other and got onto all fours waiting for us.

I quickly patted Adam to look, and when he did, he pulled out and we scrambled to our girls and pushed in, fucking them at the same time. Then, everyone paused and we all started to fuck slow enough to take our time. First I thrust, then Adam, then Anthony, then Jeff, and Lastly Mark. We set up the pattern that as soon as Mark made his thrust into his girl, I started to thrust faster, and it worked. Soon we were fucking fast in a continuous pattern until one at a time, we came inside our women's pussies, starting with me, and going clockwise around to Mark. As soon as he came, everyone was finished and got up to shower.

We showered fast, as Adam and I reminded them about the orgy today. We looked at the clock and read the time carefully when we got out, and realized we weren't that careful. It was about to start in fifteen minutes. Everyone quickly grabbed some fruit and made their way to the gym as fast as the elevator could take us.

When we finally got into the gym, we stopped dead in our tracks. There was a sign that read "Warning, if you cannot commit to what you see before you, TURN BACK!". We looked at each other and shrugged, then walked in, there was a large group huddled in the entrance, and as we made our way through, we saw why they were huddled so close together. All the exercise equipment in the room had been removed, and replaced with bondage equipment. There were bondage wheels, sex swings, cages, and spanking benches.

There were also additional bottles of lube, dildos, cock rings, butt plugs, collars, nipple clamps, and whips on a table in the middle of the room. There was also a large black top hat with red and green sticks inside. I could never guess their purpose until a voice came on the intercom.

"Welcome to t