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He felt he needed to woo her, but...? XXX Video

Danno investigates the disappearance + group holiday.

and now this!

"I- Well, nothing, I guess," she admitted, feeling slightly embarrassed. It was obvious that he had some plans, and most of the class was going to the party hosted by their classmate. Yet she was doing nothing... What's next, he's gonna ask me out? she thought in wonder, not quite sure what she'd do if he did.

For the first time ever, she looked at him and didn't see the shy, estranged geek. He wasn't ugly, she realised, he was smart -- and he had always been nice to her.

"Ah, fair enough," he smiled, completely clueless about her thoughts, "sometimes it's nice to just relax." James was getting good at reading Andrea, and he was no longer shy and nervous around all women, but he still had quite a lot to learn about the beautiful sex. So, not gonna ask me out? she thought as they returned to work (after James had cast a fast look on the clock on the wall) with a small hint of disappointment.


When the class was dismissed, Carol did not go home. She never knew why she decided to follow James out, except that she hated mysteries, and he was acting like one big, walking mystery. She didn't exactly sneak after him but she made sure she could see him without him noticing. And what she saw shocked her to her core.


Andrea was impatiently waiting for James in her car. She had parked in one end of the parking-lot where few people came, hoping to avoid attracting attention that way. She knew she wasn't exactly dressed like most people coming to pick up students.

She looked at herself in the rear-mirror once again, gathering courage from the fact that she'd done her best to obey James' directions. She really couldn't imagine being dressed sluttier than she was now -- and certainly not being seen in public!

She was wearing a brand new white shirt, one that was several numbers too small. She could button the lower buttons but there was simply no way the material could stretch across her chest, it only just managed to cover the lower half of her bra. The other half proudly showed off her enthralling tits that were pushed together and out by her new, black push-up bra, almost defying gravity. The result was a cleavage with almost hypnotising powers. The small shirt ended just above her navel and left a lot of her tanned stomach bare. She couldn't stop focusing on it being a bit... less taunt than it used to, but she prayed that everyone else -- and especially James -- would focus more on her alluring tits than her stomach.

She had found a pleated skirt in her wardrobe and wore it. It was chequered in dark red and black colours and reached the middle of her thigh. It wasn't as daringly short as some of her other skirts but the pattern really led the mind to a school-uniform, and that was what she was trying to pull off: A slutty schoolgirl.

Most guys had a fetish for that, she'd figured, why not James? She had set her hair up in two pig-tails, and wore a lot of dark make-up, creating an image of corrupted innocence.

She had tried to find a tie that would match her skirt but had failed. Instead she wore a small black one that pointed directly down at her cleavage, further drawing the eye to her mesmerising tits.

She had considered wearing stockings -- maybe some pink ones? -- but had decided against it. She had no doubt that James would have liked it but she really disliked wearing stockings -- it just felt weird. She had only worn them for him on the first couple of dates to catch him, so to speak, and she hoped she never would have to put on a pair again... The rest of her outfit should more than make up for her lack of stockings, she had decided. God, I hope he likes it, she thought insecurely. ---

Carol could not believe her eyes! James -- her shy, geeky and awkward lab-partner was meeting with a gorgeous woman, a gorgeous woman dressed like a total tart! She watched from afar as he confidently walked to the car as the sexy woman stepped out and revealed her clothing -- or lack of clothing.

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