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He felt the initial stirrings of a hard on as he remembered his promise to himself -- today, I'm going to seduce Lisa. With little thought about where they were, Frank leaned forward and sniffed Lisa's hair. It smelled faintly of peaches. Caught by surprise by this invasion of her personal space, Lisa looked up. Frank took this chance to kiss her full on the lips,attempted to part hers with his tongue.

His hand made its way to her front and slipped between the silky blouse and the lacey bra. The top button opened up as he forced his hand in. He squeezed gently. That was all it took for Lisa to melt into Frank. Her lips parted, and she kissed him back, tentatively at first, then with more force.

Frank reached behind Lisa's head and pulled her into him as he kissed her more fiercely; his other hand pulled the strap of her bra down as it sought to free her breast. Lisa reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse.

With her blouse open, Frank reached down and unsnapped Lisa's bra, finally freeing her breasts. He took a step back and gazed down at them. The flesh was a softer color than the rest of Lisa, paler. But he was right, they were firm and perky. Her areolas were large, and her nipples stood rigid from excitement.

Standing up gave Frank a chance to look around. He noticed that all activity around Lisa's cube had stopped. Every eye was focused on the two of them. He glanced down at Lisa, who also noticed they were the center of attention. He caught her eyes, and she smiled and winked.

He bent forward again; his tongue working its way back into her mouth. The force of his kiss sent the chair sliding into the desk, and he fell forward. His hands found her naked breasts, and he gently caressed them. Her skin was soft; her breasts were firm but pliable. She moaned her appreciation.

Lisa's hands found their way to the front of Frank's slacks, which were tented by the hardon he sported. She rubbed her hands up and down the front of his slacks. The front of his slacks darkened as precum began to seep through.

Frank broke away from the kiss and looked around again. The audience was no longer passive. Co-workers were pairing up as they watched Lisa and Frank get it on. Kara from HR and James from Credit were kissing passionately. Harry was fondling Anita's breasts from behind her. Anita's hands were behind her back, presumably fondling something of Harry's. June from accounting had her hand down the front of Samantha's slacks. It was obvious from the up and down motion that June was rubbing Sam's pussy. Sam was returning the favor. Her hand was up underneath June's skirt, where she was fingering a wet accountant. Nick and Paul from sales were taking turns kissing Ruby's mouth or her tits.

Taking a cue from his co-workers, Frank stepped it up a notch. He knelt in front of Lisa, parting her legs. His mouth found her left nipple, as his hands began to massage the insides of her thighs. Lisa had an olive complexion, and her skin was flawless, so she never wore hose or tights. Franks hands made their way up her thighs, pushing the skirt up with them. He broke away from the nipple long enough to glance down and notice that Lisa's panties matched the bra. The darkness of her pubes showed through the lace of the panties. His dick throbbed with excitement.

He leaned forward, and this time took her right nipple into his mouth. He sucked and tongued the nipple as his hands found Lisa's mound. He forced her legs open wider and rubbed his fingers over the lace of the panties, already soaked with Lisa's excitement.

Lisa fumbled with Frank's belt, working to get it unbuckled. When this was done, she grasped the zipper and pulled down. Her hand slipped inside his pants and found the opening of his boxers. She made her way into these and grasped his dick in her hand. She pulled and pushed until it popped out of his pants.

Frank was by no means immense.

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