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Deanna rings in the new year with an eighteen-year-old boy. XXX Video

They get caught at work.

Now she was beyond reason as she watched the incredible stud that was her summer helper walk to the corner to fix his hard on problem.

Marie, if she'd thought about it at all, would have expected the boy undo his fly and make the needed adjustment. What he did was undo his pants and drop them to the floor.

More surprising than that, to Marie at least, Blaine wore tighty-whitey briefs. She didn't know what she'd expected, but those weren't it. They were so tight across his buns the darkness of his skin bled through. What happened next was more surprising still.

Instead of the quick shaft shifting most men needed and didn't require dramatic re-positioning of clothing, Blaine also lowered his briefs. Marie couldn't believe her eyes when those dark chocolate buns came into view.

Oh shit! Marie groaned silently as she ogled Blaine bubbled posterior, feeling the fermentation processing in her vulva speed up like heat and carbonation had just been added. Holy fucking shit! She felt faint.

Blaine's briefs formed a thick white line, the kind you make with the side of the chalk rather than the tip, a few inches below the tops of his legs. His shirt was off, his jeans were bunched at his ankles, and his underpants were just above mid-thigh. He was, for Marie's purposes, naked, definitely naked where it counted even if her view was from the less desirable side of the room. Still, his cock was out where it was possible for someone to see it even if she couldn't.

Yumfuckingeeeee, Marie thought excitedly as she stood and watched the young, black stud revealed lewdly before her. He was built the way only certain college and professional athletes are built: broad shoulders; tapered back; narrowed waist and hips; long legs; muscles everywhere.

Try as she would to take him all in, Marie's eyes kept darting back to that tight butt. She was reminded why she sometimes stayed to watch the professional football game her husband had on a little longer than a lack of interest in the game would indicate. It was because some running back, or wide receiver, or defensive back's butt seemed to be calling her by name through the television.

Now that high definition, big screen TVs had completed their take over of her home, ass viewing was even more arousing and satisfying. The best buns were, invariably, on the black guys. Not only were their buttocks more meaty but their tight, often white, pants were so thin as to be translucent.

The blackness of those ass cheeks could be seen right through the pants. The white straps of their jocks could be easily made out, confirming that what one was seeing was indeed that beautiful black skinned ass. Sometimes when Marie was watching TV in another room while Dave watched the game, she would flip over to the game just to titillate herself. She would especially do this if she knew a favorite player was playing.

Now she was viewing one of those fabulous hineys in the flesh, no football pants to cloud the scene, just pure 100% Blaine. Her mouth began to water and she understood why. She hadn't performed analingus since college but she immediately remembered the perverted rush she got licking a boyfriend's sphincter. She'd tried to interest Dave but, while he tolerated her sliding a finger in his back door while fellating him, he had pushed her away the few times she approached the wrinkle with her mouth.

Now, she wanted nothing more than to separate Blaine's cleft, breathe in his musky aroma, bury her face, and lick away. Marie was mesmerized and it wasn't until she detected his arm moving that she looked away from Blaine's black butt.

"Blaine!" Marie whispered although it wasn't necessary. Nobody was around to hear them. "What are you doing? We have to go."

"I have to finish this first," he answered somewhat out of breath. "It's the only way I can get it back in my pants."

He's jerking off! Marie thought incredulously.

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