Twins succeed when Cupid winks. XXX Images

Ethiopian man and Japanese woman meet on the bus.

Well if nothing else, he made me appreciate the feeble attempts at foreplay made by my husband.

During the few weeks prior and a few weeks after my traumatic and totally unfulfilling "affair" I had been making friends with a young temp at work. Three students had been hired to work over the slow holiday period. The firm was moving my office and they were needed to help box everything in preparation for the move. There were two boys and a very pretty young girl. Her name was Pauline and we had been having coffee together these past few weeks. She had despite her age, a very dominant personality. On the students last day, Pauline and I arranged to go out for lunch. We chose a quite bar not far from the office, and ordered some drinks. We sat in a booth at the far end of the bar, and acted almost like sisters.

Pauline was the extroverted talkative type, and thankfully she was never uninteresting or boring. After a time my failed sexual foray came into the discussion. Pauline listened quietly and made sympathetic noises, while I told her my sad story. When I had finished I was almost in tears, then Pauline leaned across the table and kissed me gently but firmly on the mouth. It was a gesture of compassion and friendship but the thrill and sense of excitement it gave me was beyond anything I had previously known. She could obviously sense my excitement and suggested I come back to her place. I called the office on my cell and spoke to my secretary. I told her that Pauline wasn't felling well so I was going to take her home. I left instructions for the lads to finish up and for her to lock up early. Next I rang home and told my hubby that a girl at work had taken ill and I was going to take her home and stay until her parents could come and look after her.

Having taken charge and got the logistics out of the way I left all the rest to Pauline. I gave her some money to cover the bill and told her I was completely in her hands.

Pauline directed me to her flat, about a twenty-minute drive from the bar. It was in a block of four old fashioned units. Once inside, Pauline headed for the bathroom saying she had to pee. While she was gone, I took a chance and looked around. The flat was very small, consisting of a kitchenette in one corner and a shower curtain style wardrobe in another. Against one wall was a sofa bed, with doona and pillows stacked at one end. I sat on the sofa away from the bedclothes. I was very nervous as I was perched on the edge of the sofa with my knees shut and my fists clenched. I heard the toilet flush and jumped up as the bathroom door opened. When Pauline came gliding back into the room she was still wearing the lemon coloured tank top and short white flip skirt but in the light I could see through it all. She asked if I would like a drink, but I declined, saying that all I wanted right then was her.

She came up to me and took my hands and pulled me gently towards her.