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Radiyah covered his hands with hers and they massaged her boobs in unison. He licked her tummy and pushed his tongue into her round navel and swirled. He bit her hips and kissed hard. Jeff moved her panties aside. Her cunt lips were covered with thick black long curly hair.

"Do you shave, Radiyah," he asked looking at the dense growth of hair in her pubis.

"I trim them," she said spreading her legs further. He gently moved his tongue over her pussy lips and licked her inner thighs and all around her clit. "Lick it Jeff. Don't stop. Don't stop." Radiyah was moaning. Her moved the panties even further and made long licks over her thick pussy lips all the way down to her black anus. He cupped the lips between his lips and sucked on them gently. Continuing to lick, he parted her cunt lips and worked his fingers into her wet fuck hole. Gently licking the pussy lips, he moved his fingers in and out of her wet cunt, faster and faster. He licked the lips hard and stroked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Radiyah was moaning heavily and thrusting up her big buttocks, and rubbing her pussy on his mouth. When he felt that Radiyah couldn't stand it any more, he took her clit between his lips and licked it with hard fast strokes. Radiyah used both of her hands to press his head into her crotch and had her legs spread wide on the armrest. Radiyah climaxed wildly, as Jeff flicked her clit with his tongue.

When her body stopped shaking and she had let go of his head, Jeff stood up and took off his shirt. Radiyah put her hands on his shoulders and ran them down across his flat tummy. His cock was hard and straight pointing at her gorgeous sexy face. Jeff was extremely hot seeing this sexy babe, Radiyah, semi-nude. Radiyah grabbed his cock with both hands. "Oh Radiyah my baby. Do what ever you want." he said. She moved her hands up and down over the throbbing shaft. The warmth of her hand made his cock grow a few more inches in her hands. She held his cock to one side and started to lick and suck his big balls. Slowly, she licked her way up and down his shaft. She opened her mouth wide and pressed her thick lips to his cock head.

Radiyah wrapped her fingers around the root, staring at the tip. Cum juice was leaking out of it. She sighed as she jacked the huge cock slow and hard, making the piss hole open up, oozing more cum.

"That feels good, Radiyah...suck it baby. Deep in your mouth." Jeff hissed. Jeff smiled knowingly, stepping closer. Now his big cock was right in front of her gorgeous sexy face. Radiyah popped his knob into her mouth and started licking and sucking. It was a good, tasty prick to suck, with cum sap, rich and delicious. Radiyah made gurgling, slobbering sounds as she nursed contentedly on the giant cock, shutting her eyes, as she concentrated on the taste and feel of the prick between her thick sexy lips.

Now it was getting even stiffer, pulsing on the roof of her mouth. Radiyah thrust her tongue onto the piss slit as more cum oozed out. She tightened her right hand around the base of his cock, and then she started beating his meat, fast and hard, whipping her right hand up and down from the base. Jeff stared down at her, sighing as he enjoyed the torrid cock sucking. He held her head with both hands, curling his fingers in her thick black hair, rocking his hips lightly to fuck his prick in and out of her mouth. Radiyah felt happy to do absolutely anything for Jeff as long as he'd let her suck his cock.

"Harder my sexy darling, Radiyah. Radiyah. Radiyah. My sweet babe," Jeff panted. His face was contorted with pleasure, as his orgasm grew nearer, as the heavy load of cock juice congested in his balls.

"Oh, shit, you suck hard, Radiyah. Great!" He pulled her hair, rocking his hips, making the cream-starved woman gag on his thick prick.

"Jack it fast, Radiyah! What a good cock sucker, you are, and your damn lips are so fucking sexy! I'm going to cum any fucking second!" he said fucking Radiyah's mouth.

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