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Freelance journalist finds his paramour in Hayley Williams.


"Deal. Because you don't have a chance."

"You just agreed because you want to fuck John," Kelly laughed. "But it doesn't matter. I'll get to fuck your father and you'll get to fuck John."

"How will I know if you're telling the truth?"

"You can watch."


"Well, I think I'll fuck him in his office tonight, so you come to his office around 7:45, quietly, and you'll see all you need to."

"You're so crazy," Becky laughed.

"I can't wait to fuck you," John said, smiling at her as they split up and hurried to their classes.

There was really no opportunity for Karin to talk to John after school and he and Becky left shortly after dinner to go to the movies. She had mixed feelings about what had happened that morning, including Tom, but she was also extremely thrilled by the experience and knew that she wouldn't mind some sort of a repeat performance. She shook these thoughts from her head and instead took Jason to bed early and fucked him silly, falling asleep thinking of her son's cock.

John and Kelly arrived at Tom's office in high spirits. They were having so much fun they thought they would burst. Tom was there waiting for them, quietly handing John $1,000 as they shook hands.

"It's nice to see you again," Tom said, smiling at Kelly.

"Me too," Kelly said, smiling back at him. "I've been thinking about your cock," she said, stepping forward and cupping him in her hand through his pants. "I remember how big it was."

"Would you like John to wait somewhere else this time?" he asked her.

"Oh, no, I like it when John watches me," Kelly replied, rubbing his cock. "It makes me even hotter."

"Well, why don't you suck on me for a bit then," Tom suggested. "I'll sit down," he said, stepping back a step and quickly dropping his pants, his cock sticking out. "Is this comfortable for you?" he asked as he settled into a comfortable looking chair.

"Just fine," Kelly said, reaching for his erect cock as she sank to her knees in front of him.

"Why don't you undress first," Tom suggested.

"Um, nice idea," Kelly agreed, getting to her feet and quickly undressing. "I'm so wet already," she said, sticking her fingers into her pussy and pulling them out glistening. "See," she said, licking them. "Umm, I taste good tonight," she mused as she sank back down to her knees in front of him, bending forward and sucking his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, that's so nice," Tom sighed as he watched Kelly engulfing his cock.

"It tastes so good," she said. "Sort of like pussy too," she added.

"You never know," Tom laughed, realizing that he hadn't washed since he had fucked Karin that morning, that Kelly was in essence sucking her mother's pussy juice from his cock as she sucked him. That just made it all the better, he thought. The women of that family were incredibly hot when it came to sex, as Kelly was now proving by so expertly sucking his cock.

Kelly was really getting into sucking Tom's cock, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth. She could feel how wet her own pussy was and she just couldn't wait to get her pussy licked and then fucked. And Becky should be here soon, she thought, swallowing Tom's cock entirely. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that John had edged away from the chair where Tom was sitting and she thought she noticed the door quickly open and then close and then John was again sitting down next to them watching her suck Tom's cock. She felt Tom's cock begin to swell and she knew that she was about to get a mouthful of cum, which is exactly what happened. Tom groaned as Kelly sucked him dry, eagerly swallowing his cum as he kept filling her mouth.

"Mmmm, that was yummy," Kelly said as she lifted her face from his lap, his cock in her hand.

"That was great, Kelly," Tom sighed. "You've got a great mouth."

"Will you suck my pussy for me now?" she asked, getting to her feet and spreading her legs in front of him, using her fingers to hold her lips open, her swollen clit sticking out from between them. "I'm so wet."

"I'd love to suck your pussy," Tom said, sitting up and