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It might be fun." He almost laughed at the look on her face, it looked as though she could not make up her mind whether she should like the idea or be shocked. 'Ah, that has her thinking. I believe I will just let her wonder about that for a while,' he thought.

Shaking her head, unsure how to take his remark, she poured a bit of olive oil in the waiting skillet and turned on the flame beneath it. Stirring the fettuccine, she retrieved a piece and walked to the sink. Rinsing it beneath cold water to cool it off first, she took a bit and nodded, it was just right. Retrieving the pot, she poured the pasta into a colander to drain, rinsing it lightly with hot water, and then returned to the skillet where the olive oil was emitting its slight aroma.

Sipping his wine, he gazed at her quietly, enjoying the peaceful quiet broken only by the sound of cooking utensils. He loved watching her cook; it was one of the rare times she moved with the fluid grace of a lady. Her usual coltish quickness disappeared the moment she stepped into the kitchen. Now if only she would learn to move this way all the time, he would be very pleased. He knew she tried and also how hard it was for her, with the way she had grown up; but he was willing to help her and be patient while she learned. Smiling he thought, 'I could do anything, say anything, and it wouldn't phase her, not while she is cooking. It's as if she is were in a completely different world.'

Pouring the chilled bacon into the hot skillet, she lifted the pan slightly, shaking and tossing the bacon lightly to heat it evenly. Next, she added the mushrooms and continued flipping the contents. Her deft movements and technique made it obvious she not only knew how to cook, but also had taken classes at some time. When the mushrooms were just the right color, she added the greens and fresh cut herbs, continuing to toss the ingredients until everything was cooked just right. A quick flip of her wrist and the contents slid into a crystal-serving dish. Turning off all the flames, she turned and took the pasta, pouring it into another crystal dish. Lastly, she gave the sauce a quick stir and ladled a portion into the last crystal bowl.

Glancing at her Master she smiled, "Dinner is ready Sir if you care to take a seat in the dinning room."

"Shall I light the candles while you bring in the food?" He asked her.

"Please Sir," she answered with a soft smile.

Nodding, he picked up the bottle of wine, both glasses, and leaving the kitchen walked across the hall to the dinning room. She turned and picked up the china serving tray she had ready. Placing each serving dish carefully on the tray, she took a quick look around, and then added the cheesecake and bowl of topping. The dirty bowls and containers were put in the sink waiting to be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher. The skillet and pot from the pasta sat on the stove cooling down. There was nothing left to do but eat. She picked up the tray, taking care not to spill or jostle the bowls, and walked to the dinning room.

Stepping into the dining room, she paused, her eyes roaming over the room. She smiled softly, pleased with how the candles lit the room, giving it a subtle romantic glow. Master had left the chandelier dim and lit all the candles. Walking to the table, she placed the dishes to the left of her seat, knowing he would want her to serve.

"The room looks wonderful little one," he told her as he rose from lighting the logs in the fireplace. "You did a marvelous job; I am very pleased."

"Thank you Sir," she smiled. "I am glad it pleases you. I wanted our anniversary to be as special as the day I came to you." Blushing, she set the tray on the sideboard and moved, with grace and poise, to stand behind her chair.

Walking over to stand behind her, he placed his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

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