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Suneel turns into beautiful Sunaina

Challenge prize : $1000.00 guaranteed, $10,000.00 for the winner."

Interesting...Possible, I thought. A thousand bucks for having sex six times, and ten thousand dollars if I got them all off first. I knew I was attractive -- small, only five feet tall if I stretched just a bit, nice hair, ass and boobs. Pretty brown eyes, trim figure -- I only weighed a bit over a hundred pounds soaking wet. I worked out regularly; finding men at the singles bar was never a problem in spite of being a little over thirty. Nice hair and teeth.

Yep, I was a package all right. Too bad I was flat broke with nobody to take care of me.

I read on. "Challenge number two: Male will chase female. Female will dress as specified (see supplement). Female will be given a twenty minute head start over a two mile course. If caught female agrees to become the property of the male for the next weekend. Prize : $1000.00"

Property? Geez, what would THAT mean! But a twenty minute head start over a two mile course -- I did five miles almost every day on the treadmill; that only took twenty minutes. I could cover two miles in less than TEN minutes if I just walked.

Sounded like a sure bet. There was a pad and pencil on the desk; I wrote "Number 2" on it.

No sense reading on, I thought. I've got a sure bet; now to pick the man. I flipped to the picture section of the album.

Some of the pictures were Polaroid's; none were particularly good. There was an explanation on the first page; they had videos of most of the guys I could look at if I wanted.

The men looked pretty ordinary. All wore suits and ties; they looked distinguished, successful. I supposed they would have to be successful in order to be able to fork over ten thousand dollars, or a thousand dollars, or whatever a "challenge" cost them.

On the third page I saw a familiar face -- Bill Smith, the lawyer I'd just spoken with. Just like the Hair Club, I thought -- he was a client too!

I looked through the rest of the pictures. Most any of the men would do, I thought. Flipping back to Bill's picture I saw handwritten next to it the challenges he would do: "1, 2, 4, 5."

I closed the book, pressed the phone button. The secretary returned. "Do you want more information on the challenges, or to look at any of the videos?" she asked.

"Yes, and no," I said. "I want to learn more about number two. As for the man" I flipped the book open to Bill's picture, put my index finger right on his nose, "I choose this one."


So here I was, in Bill's Mercedes. It was almost three AM; a full moon illuminated the streets. He was silent as we drove through the cool early morning. The city was asleep, quiet.

Bill had explained that I would be required to wear clothing he'd selected. He showed me a picture of another girl modeling the outfit -- short skirt, sheer white shirt, thong panties, no bra. White thigh high stockings, sandals with six inch heels. Bare midriff of course. I'd blushed, knowing I'd look like some kind of teenage slut.

But the lure of an easy $1000.00 was too strong. He told me he'd buy another outfit in my size; he'd bring it with him to my apartment.

"The chase will be in River park," he'd explained. "Dressed the way you'll be it'll be best if we do it after hours so to speak -- you won't want to be seen. We'll start around 3 Am this Friday if you're agreeable."

Unable to speak, I just nodded.


Sure enough, that Saturday morning at 1 AM I heard my doorbell ring. Shaking a bit from nervousness I opened the door; Bill was standing there dressed in blue jeans and black short sleeved shirt. His heels clicked a bit as he stepped in; looking down I saw he wore black boots, which made him look even taller, more imposing.

He handed me a plastic sack and a hanger covered in a plastic sheet, like from the cleaners. "Change into your outfit, Staci," he told me. I nodded, nervous again.

I went into my bedroom, pulled the door shut behind me.