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So naturally I say, "Fuck off, willow." She loses her mind and olive has to calm her down, all while giving me the death stare, of course. I decide to take my sweet time gathering my stuff and when I bend down, my towel rises a little and I'm pretty sure I gave olive and willow a full view of my (more than a little wet) pussy. Oops. I stand up, finally ready to leave, and start walking to the door. Willow had other plans. She shoves me hard against the wall of the shower.

"Hold up, Marquee" says willow. Then she reaches down under my towel and sticks a finger right into my pussy.

"Wait what the fuck are you doing??" I say, a little too loudly.

"Just relax" Olive pipes in.

"Is this for us?" Willow holds up one (very wet) finger.

"Don't flatter yourself" I snap. Or I try to snap, but willow cuts me off with a kiss. What. The. Fuck. I tried to push her off, but that just ends up in Willow grabbing my hands and pinning them above my head. She shoves her tongue into my mouth, and gestures for olive to come over. Olive grabs my tit, and willow ends the kiss by biting my lip.

"There. Now check." Says Willow. Olive sticks her hand under my towel (a little rougher than Willow did) and brings her fingers up to inspect.

"Holy fuck, she's dripping." Olive starts to lick her fingers clean.

"That doesn't prove anything other than that I'm a kinky fuck" I spit back. I still have Willow's chapstick all over my mouth.

"Grab the string from her laundry bag." Willow says to Olive. Then she starts to tie my hands around the shower head. Fuck. My feet are barely touching the ground. I have to admit, though, I am kind of enjoying this. Kind of. Willow's hand slips back down to my clit. Olive goes back to my boobs. She starts playing with my nipples over my towel.

"You fucking pervs" I mean it as an insult, but since I moan in the middle of it, it doesn't really pack the punch that I want it to. In my defense, i just got a finger stuck in my pussy. Fuck I can't stop moaning.

"Olive you brought it, right?" Says willow.

"Brought what??" I ask, with a little bit of fear in my voice. Olive ignores me.

"Yeah, it's in my suitcase."

"Be a dear and go grab it." Says Willow, while she slowly starts to take off my towel. I'm naked now, and it's just Willow and me. She starts tracing her fingers down my thighs.

"God stop teasing me." It slips out before I can stop it. Willow laughs.

"Wow, somebody's eager."

"Shut up." I say. Willow digs her fingers into my thighs in response. It kind of hurts. Then she picks my legs up and puts them up on her shoulders. Holy fuck, she's stronger then she looks. I'm now completely supported by the shower head and Willow's tiny body. Her face is inches from my dripping pussy. I can't help it, I shove my hips towards her face. She laughs again.

"I can stop if you want me to. Just say the word. " Willow says with a smirk.

"No, no. Please just lick my pussy, I'll do anything!" I've given up on resisting.

"You asked for it." She says, smugly. Then she completely buries her face in between my legs. Oh my god. How much practice has she had in giving head? She's going to town on my clit, all while finger fucking me. I'm being too loud and I know it. And I'm on the verge of cumming when Olive comes back 5 minutes later with a drawstring bag in hand. She walks up to us right as Willow starts to stick her tongue in my pussy. Olive opens the bag and pulls out a vibrator. Fuck that thing has gotta be like 10 inches. Willow pulls back. Damn it I was about to cum. I whimper in spite of myself.

"Do you think she'll squirt if I stick it all the way in?" Willow laughs.

"Let me.

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