A couple reunites after months apart. XXX Images

Christi pops two Kappa boys' cherries.

"Oh, my God," she exclaimed. "The little bitch pissed herself. I always knew that she was a disgusting slut, but this takes the cake. Ralph, grab the hose from the wall. I need to spray her off before I touch her."

And spray she did. The water was ice cold and I tried to curl up more to avoid it but Alice just kept moving around the cage until she was satisfied that the urine had been washed from the cage and my body.

She then opened the cage door and left. She did not even try to help me out and it took me a long time with my muscles cramped the way they were to pull myself out of the cage and onto the cold cement floor. Shortly I felt a huge fan start up and the cold air attacking my wet body. I had never been so cold in my life. It did not take long for me to air dry and as soon as I felt the last of the water dissipate the fan stopped.

I noticed that there was nothing stopping me from moving around so I started looking for some way out of that basement. I came to a set of stairs and started climbing. At the top was a door that I assumed would be locked but I tried the knob and to my surprise it opened. No one stopped me as I entered the living area of the house. I smelled coffee coming from somewhere to my right and I gravitated that way. I did not know how long it had been since I had eaten and my stomach was cramping in anticipation. In addition I now recognized that I was extremely thirsty. As I entered a hallway, I noticed a tall grandfather clock. It told me that it was 2 o'clock but I did not know if that was 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. But from the light in the upper house, it must have been 2p.m. and I began to panic realizing that I had been gone for nearly 24 hours and my husband would be frantic by this time.

I found Alice sitting at a breakfast bar in a large dining area. She looked up as I entered and said, "Well, I see you have found your way upstairs. How have you enjoyed your stay here so far?"

"What do you mean so far." I asked. "Surely there isn't anything more that you can do to me. I have been raped in every hole possible, whipped until I have scars front and back and have had liqueur injected into my bowels and cunt. And much of it in front of people I know. Let's see, rape, pain and humiliation. No I think that covers the gamut."

"Oh, Karen, it is plain you do not understand my hatred for you. There is so much more to do, before you are completely broken. But you are free to leave, if you want. I just want to show you a few pictures before you go."

"I don't want to see any pictures. I am sure you took a lot of them last night and you plan to try and blackmail me with them, but that is not going to work. Every picture you could have taken would show that I was an unwilling participant. And even with the tape that made it look like I was a prostitute, those other pictures would show how I was coerced. You are going to spend a very long time in prison for what you have done to me."

"Karen, Karen, Karen," she started. "The pictures I want to show you are not of you. They are of your daughter, Chelsea. And by the way your husband has been calling nonstop on your cell phone. Of course I did not answer it. But I did read one or two of his texts. It seems he is really worried that no one knows where Chelsea is."

She then shoved a glossy 8x10 picture in front of my face. It showed my daughter in a dog cage just like the one I was kept in last night. And I could clearly see tears running down her face.

"You cruel, heartless, bitch," I spit. "I am going to kill you with my bare hands. Where is my daughter and what have you done to her?"

"Your daughter will be released in due time. That is if you do exactly what you are told. If on the other hand you decide not to cooperate or you decide to involve the authorities, what you went through last night will seem like a walk in the park to Chelsea. Do you get the picture?"

"I understand what you are saying but even if I wanted to obey your in