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Ben met Hannah at a coffee shop and asked her out.

For the most part, you have been an excellent employee and until this your record has been exemplary to say the least."

I felt a warm glow as he spoke and I was starting to feel a little relief with his kind words.

"But there is this matter of the ten thousand dollars," he continued. "Taking funds from the trust is theft and .....My dear, what ever could you have been thinking?"

The warm glow disappeared and I began to beg.

"Please. I know that I made a mistake and I'm willing to do what ever it takes to correct it.. I know that your trust in me has disappeared, but I will do everything in my power to restore that trust and to make things right again, if you give me the chance."

The partners all began to smile and then Mr. Tomkins took the floor.

"Well Mrs. Simms, it seems that the partners are all in agreement that they will give you an opportunity to repay you debt. Monday afternoon at 1:00 PM sharp, you are to report to this boardroom. You may have the morning to prepare yourself and," he continued as he passed me a few parcels, "Take a hot bath and wear these."

The bags were from 'Saks Of Fifth Avenue' and 'Victoria's Secret.' I nodded and I left for the weekend. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into, but I was sure I would get myself out, somehow.

When I got home John wasn't there. He had left a note:


I just couldn't stand the pressure. I have to get out. I'm sorry to leave you like this, but I just couldn't stand to be in jail.

Good luck. I know things will work out for you.


'Nice guy,' I thought as I tore up the note. The weekend couldn't end quick enough.

I took a long hot bath and soaked away my troubles for a few moments. It was Monday. I opened the bags and put on the ensemble that Mr. Tomkins gave me to wear. First I put on the black lace thong panties. They fit me perfectly and didn't feel at all uncomfortable. I was shocked at how well the black lacy shelf bra fit, never mind the evening dress. I adjusted my garter and straightened my stockings in the mirror with my dress hiked up over my hips. I gazed at my bare buttocks and thought about the diet I was suppose to start.

The doors to the elevator opened and I knocked on the boardroom door.

"Come in, come in Rebecca. May I call you that? Or would you prefer 'Becky'?"

"Becky is just fine, Mr. Riley," I responded nervously.

"Come sit down and we'll fine tune our agreement," he said as he motioned me to a chaise lounge in the middle of the room. All the partners were seated around the lounge. All smiling.

"Becky, what we propose is that you let us do what ever we wish with you for an hour. We will not harm you in any way. That is guaranteed. For that hour we will reduce the amount that you owe by one thousand dollars. If you co-operate then maybe we'll reduce it at a quicker rate. Again I assure you that you will come to no harm."

I was a little stunned, but in the back of my mind I figured something like this would happen.

"I'll do what ever it takes," I said with conviction. I mean what could these old guys do anyway? Right?

Mr Riley lay me back on the chaise and held out my arms to two of the junior partners. They were very gentle as they took my hands and held them above my shoulders. Then Mr. Shea started to lick my armpit. A shiver ran through me. I could feel my nipples begin to harden. Then Mr. Riley began to lick the other exposed arm pit. They were both so gentle as they lapped up and down my sides. I noticed the two holding my arms were enjoying the show and both were sporting lumps in their trousers.


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