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Martice has returned but he isn't just the new guy any more.

He found himself with his fingers rubbing her lips and clit while Meg sucked his cock harder and harder.

"Meg, ssslow down," he said, not wanting to loose control.

Meg slowed down to a bare movement of her head, teasing him with the slow motion of her lips. She smiled as best she could with her mouth full.

"Really Meg. Slllow down," his words almost unintelligible.

Meg took her mouth off of his cock and turned her head. She hadn't wanted him to come too soon, but had been enjoying herself so much. When she turned, she screamed. Hitting at him in a panic, she bolted out of the tent.

Luc shook his head to try and clear it. Scrambling out of the tent, he looked around and found her heading into a forested section across from their tent. He followed her and watched her climb a tree. "As if that would do any good," he thought to himself. Meg was about ten feet off the ground and sitting on a limb. It was almost a comical sight. She had on socks, a teeshirt and a flannel shirt. Nothing else. She was trying to tuck the tails of her shirt under her ass. Granted, he had on even less. Just his socks and his flannel shirt. He loped over to the tree and after a minute looked up at her.

"Meg, we need to talk," he said stretching his neck and shoulders.

"Damn right we do! What the hell are you?" she asked.

"I'm a shifter. You'd call me a werewolf," he said, trying to get his jaw back to more human proportions.

"I thought that was just fairy tale junk," she said.

"No, we are more than just a fairy tale. We really do exist. However, it's genetic, not a disease or a curse like the movies would have you think," Luc said, moving a bit closer to the tree.

"Stop right there! No closer," she said.

"Meg, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm sorry I scared you. I lost control," he said.

"You lost control? You mean that you normally have sex and no one ever notices that you're... you're a werewolf?" she asked.

"Well, some don't exactly. I usually have the presence of mind to talk to my date and explain myself. You just short circuited me and I didn't say anything," he said. "Boy did I blow this one! Damn."

"You had the whole bloody hike up here to explain yourself!" she yelled. "Or, you could have mentioned it before we ever set out!"

"Meg, Please settle down. I admit that I should have spoken to you about things sooner. I apologize," Luc said as he moved closer to the tree.

"Fine, so when did you plan to tell me, or did you think I wouldn't notice?" she asked.

"Meg, I knew you would notice. I should have said something, and I've apologized. Can we at least go back to the tent? It's cold out here.

Meg looked at him, thought about it and how hard the branch was against her ass. "You sure this isn't contagious?" she asked.

"No! I was born this way," he said, just a bit exasperated. "I won't hurt you. Hell, I even keep my nails trimmed."

"Nails trimmed?"

"Yeah, if I shift all the way, I don't want to scratch anyone," he said.

"You mean some women actually like it when you shift all the way? Do you look like a dog or something then?" she asked.

"I look like a wolf, a big one. As for women, yes... some of them do like it 'doggy style'. After one woman asked me to wear booties, I started to keep my nails trimmed."

"Booties? she asked. "She actually asked you to wear booties?"

"Yeah. Said the sex was great except for the fact that I scratched her back with my paws. It isn't so unusual. My cousin wears them all the time," Luc said rather nonchalantly.

Meg thought about this. The bark was cutting into her ass and it was getting colder. He really was a nice guy, but it startled the hell out of her when he changed. "Well,... maybe" she thought to herself. Meg moved a bit on the branch and realized that her ass and more sensitive bits were hurting. "Okay, I'm coming down," she said. Meg moved closer to the trunk so she could climb down. Her sock caught on a twig stub and she started to fall.

Luc ,who was watching Meg, saw her star