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That was pretty spectacular, and I was hard again in no time and once more finished off in her delightful pussy.

Eventually, we were sitting and talking when I asked Penny about what she knew when she called me that day in June to tell me to go home. I wasn't sure that I wanted to go there, but my curiosity got the best of me. Penny just sighed, and then began to tell me what had happened before in my marriage.

"You know that Kathy is a submissive right?" she asked. I told her no, that we didn't do any dominance or submission stuff.

"Well, Kathy had done a good job of hiding it from both you and herself all these years, but yes, she really is submissive. We women talk about sex all the time, so I learned from her that she knew that Sandy was having regular orgies at the house. From the way she told me, I knew that while she wanted to disapprove, that she also secretly wanted to be a part of it. And one day she came home to find Sandy having a gang bang with the three guys you found her with. At first, Kathy was mad as hell, but Sandy just ignored her and kept riding the dick that she was on at the moment. Kathy started calling Sandy a slut and a cunt, then Sandy got off of the guy and walked over to Kathy and slapped her in the face. Sandy then told Kathy that she knew that she wasn't having sex with you, Norman, and that her problem was that she was just becoming a used up dried out old cunt as Sandy put it. And with that Sandy slapped Kathy again."

"Kathy started to say something to Sandy after the second slap but Sandy was too quick, ordering the three guys to grab Kathy and strip her naked. Kathy put up the appearances of struggling to avoid being stripped but it was apparent to all present that Kathy really didn't mind. In no time at all Kathy was standing naked before the other four, when Sandy ordered her to lay on her stomach on the bed and began spanking Kathy with an open hand. Blow after blow fell on Kathy's ass but she made no motions to stop it. "

"Eventually, Sandy stopped and told the guy she had been riding to get on Kathy and fuck her good. Which he did, then the other two guys did as well. At one point, while being ravaged from behind, Sandy moved her pussy to her mother's face and made her start licking it."

"Are you saying that she was raped?" I asked.

"Well, if you mean forcible sex, then yes she was raped, but if you mean unwilling forcible sex, no, she wanted it. She just couldn't admit it to herself, or to you for that matter. "

"Is that why you called me on that day, to tell me she wanted to be raped?"

"Oh, no, she had been doing it with Sandy and the boys for at least a couple of months before that day. She told me about it just after it happened, and I wanted her to tell the police, but that was when she said that she had to have that kind of sex in order to feel fulfilled. I called you because she asked me to do so."

"Why in the hell would she want you to do that?"

"Kathy couldn't tell you what she needed, so she wanted you to find out."

"Let me get this right, she wanted to be forcibly taken, part of a gang rape to be used as a slut, and as I remember, is that she thought I would enjoy watching her. That shit makes no sense."

"One of the things that she complained about you was how nice you are. She secretly wanted you to take her forcibly, grab her hair and pull her head back while you fucked her in the ass. Just taking what you want from her with no regard for her feelings.

"Why didn't she tell me that she wanted that?" I asked.

"You don't understand, she needed for you to figure it out. If she told you, it would lessen the feelings of submission."

"Well, how in the hell was I supposed to know that? I was always kind and loving like a husband should be. I would have thought it demeaning if I just grabbed her and threw her onto the bed and fucked her hard. How could I have been so wrong?

"Norman, people are complex.