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Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. XXX Video

Typical day at the office is cut short.

You hear me come in through the front door, but keep your eyes closed, lost in the peace and your own thoughts. You hear me go quietly past you into the hallway, and then the sound of the bathroom door closing followed by the hiss of the shower. As you picture me in the shower you begin to slowly stroke yourself through your pants, feeling yourself harden slightly as you imagine my soapy hands running over my body. You watch in your mind's eye as I run the palm of my hand over my breast, covering it in suds which wipe off as I gently pull on the pink brown nipple with my fingertips, watching it lengthen and harden. My other hand slips down to my stomach, soap dripping everywhere as I slowly wash myself. Running my hands over the rounded curve of my stomach, I spread my legs a bit as I lean backwards into the warm spray above me. Slipping one soapy hand between my thighs you watch as I rub faster and faster, one hand on the shower wall to keep myself erect. I take the shower massage off of the wall and aim it between my legs, trying not to lose my balance as the sensations of the warm water jetting against my aching clit hit me. I sink to the floor with the water still gushing between my legs, trembling as my orgasm rushes through me.

By now you are fully erect with an almost painful hardness. Stroking yourself faster, you lie there with your eyes closed, smelling the scent of my soap as I open the bathroom door. With my long hair dripping water behind me, I walk towards you with an appreciative smile, immediately picking out the signs of your excitement from across the room. Letting my robe hang open, I straddle you in your chair, bending forward to run my fingers along the back of your neck as I kiss you deeply. Moving my tongue to your ear I nibble on your lobe before tonguing you deeply, causing you to moan with excitement as you arch your body into mine. With one hand I unbutton your shirt and slip my hand inside, rubbing your nipple with my fingertips and then tweaking it as I feel your excitement. My other hand slips to your belt and undoes it as I reach down further and slide your pants off of your hips. As I inch my way down your body with my tongue my wet hair leaves rivulets of moisture down your chest, and the cold increases your excitement as well as bringing you out of your reverie.

I fasten on to your nipple like a starving woman, nipping and sucking as if my life depended on it as I play with your pubic hair with my fingertips. I cup your distended balls in one hand and start rubbing them gently in circles as I slip past your nipples and run my tongue slowly along the line of your public hair. Your excitement increases as you watch me flip my hair behind my shoulders, giving you a clear view of what I am doing. As I gently rub your aching balls I enclose your stiffened cock with my other hand, and lower my head to your tip. Running my tongue softly along the outside of your head I gently suck the end, coaxing out the first few drops of silky white fluid. Raising my head to breathe, you see the slight strand of pre-cum connecting my mouth to you, and you groan and place your hands on the side of my head, pushing me down once more. I run my tongue slowly along your shaft, resting your glistening hardness against my cheek as I move faster and faster. Raising myself up on my knees I take all of you into my warm wet mouth as my hand squeezes the base of your shaft. I feel your balls swell as I move my mouth faster and faster, increasing the pressure and the delicious friction.

I take your reddened rock hard cock and rub it along the outsides of my lips, looking directly into your eyes as I cover my face with a mixture of your fluid and my saliva.

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