Three co-workers let loose on the weekend. XXX Images

Cynthia finally explains to Alice why she avoids men.

Keeley breathed a sigh of relief.

"And for D let's do this," Kevin pressed both sides of the wheel at once, and Keeley felt both eggs go off inside her at the same time. She moaned hard and fell back on the bed, inadvertently flashing her brother a shot of her shaven, trembling quim before she squeezed her legs back together and rolled over onto her side.

"I think that's a go for D," Kevin said as he shut off Keeley's little tormentors. "Do you have any questions?"

"Get out!" Keeley spat as she clutched her mattress, still trembling from the last assault on her private parts.

"Okey-doke!" Kevin was cheerful. "Good luck on the test tomorrow." Kevin practically skipped out the door, remote still in hand, while Keeley lay recovering on her bed. It wouldn't take long before Kevin was out like a light, but Keeley had a long night ahead of her; she knew after that that there was no way she would be able to fall asleep without another long, marathon masturbation session. It was 11:30 now. Keeley sighed, pulled the eggs from her nether regions and set them down on the nightstand by her alarm clock. She retrieved one of the larger, phallic vibrators from her drawer and got to work.

* * *

When the alarm went off the next morning Keeley hoped that everything she remembered of the night before had just been a bad dream, but she quickly learned otherwise when she saw the guilty eggs lying on the nightstand. She switched off the alarm and slid, exhausted, out of bed.

The twins passed each other on their way in and out of the bathroom just like every morning. Keeley closed the door behind her and hung her robe up on the hook on the door. She stepped into the shower, the two little eggs dangling from their cord around her finger, slid the glass door shut and turned the water on. As she soaped herself up and washed herself off her focus turned to those two little toys. Of course, they only looked little from the outside, she thought. Inside, they filled her up like no feeling she had ever known. Whether it was these little darlings or any of the myriad others she kept in her secret stash, Keeley felt empty when she didn't have something inside her, but she didn't like or trust any of the boys at school enough to want to be with one of them. It was a real predicament, constantly wanting to fuck and having no one to accommodate her. A conundrum, she figured might be a word her brother would use.

Keeley pressed her fingers to her sex and massaged herself gently until her clit peeked out from its little hood. She hooked two fingers up into herself and started to stimulate her G-spot before she remembered that she couldn't afford any leisure time; she had to get ready for school. She squeezed the first egg up into her winking pussy with little resistance and felt a sense of relief from the fullness it brought. The second egg was more trouble; she swirled its tip in slow circles against her tight little star, pushing her muscles out towards it until finally her anus swallowed the egg up whole, pulling the cord between the two toys taut and flush against her taint. She adjusted to the feeling of both toys inside her, the big round beasts rubbing against each other through the thin membrane keeping them each in their place. She wanted nothing more than to make herself cum right there in the shower; she knew this was going to be a long day.

After her shower Keeley put on her school uniform-plaid skirt, white buttoned shirt, white knee-high socks, dark blue blazer, and shined black shoes-and walked out into the kitchen to find Kevin eating breakfast. She sat down at the table across from him and stared at his eggs and bacon hungrily.

"What, you're not?" Kevin started before Keeley fixed him with a steely glare. "Oh, right," he replied. "Sorry. Are they?"

"Yes," she cut him off. "They are."

"Okay," Kevin nodded.