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A mother walks in on her son. XXX Video

He's seduced by his niece.

All was clearly visible in exquisite detail, wet, and gently pulsing with her heart. All parts were joined together as if by magic. They were enthralled. Little did they realise that small cap over her anal orifice led to a plug the size of a large chicken's egg.

The dear child returned to our table exhausted by the attention. She asked her mistress if she could go to the Ladies Room. Of course she could, but first there had to be a minor adjustment.

She stood meekly in front of my partner as she gently unscrewed the garnet mounted tip at the end of her clit tube. Her wetness was visible. Her smell was enthralling. She wafted down the room, and disappeared. The whole restaurant must have smelt of her sex.

Minutes later she reappeared. The room went silent. Then, again, as on Monday, the girls led a room full of clapping. She stood meekly while her clit was kissed clean, and the cab screwed tightly home.

The restaurant owner sat flabbergasted at everything he was witnessing.


He turned to address my partner, and me. He had a business proposition. His understanding was that she made all the stunning jewellery at a workshop in our house. He also knew that the Parlour where we had met our delicious submissive was rather special. It was in an upmarket part of town. He had made enquiries; the owners might be willing to sell at a reasonable price.

Why shouldn't we all go into business together?

We hardly needed to look at each other; we were enthralled with the idea. This meant that the two darling girls sitting at the table could come into the business with us. It was a wonderful idea.

We had some explaining to do. Firstly, to the exquisite chestnut haired beauty, who was slowly becoming part of our lives, but also to our dear submissive friend.

We told of how we had known the restaurant owner for a very long time. We liked the fact that all his employees were partners in the business. This is what made it so special. We wanted our new venture to run on similar lines.

Torrents of ideas began to pour out as the concept took hold. Our dear chestnut hair friend said that she had Greek blood. Now we realised why she had dark eyes, and was such a wonderful tan all over! She proposed that we might call the new shop "Aphrodite". She, who was Goddess of Love, would be our guide.

Everybody thought this was a marvellous suggestion. By the end of our discussions we were seeing the new group name as "Aphrodite", with "Aphrodite Jewellery", "Aphrodite Piercing", with the Starburst breast jewellery as our symbol.

Suddenly, with extraordinary modesty our chestnut beauty, of the perfect bush, asked why we had adopted her. We explained that we realised that she had been the odd man out in her party on Monday night.

We had become enamoured by her bravery in coming forward, of the fact that she showed us her beautiful breasts at our table. We had watched her as she had her nipples enhanced, and then pierced. We saw how she had not flinched as the needles passed through her tender flesh.

Most of all we were totally taken by the way her self esteem had returned. She was one of us, if she wanted to be.

She blushed beneath her overall tan, looked down, and was very meek. My wonderful friend left here seat, and moved to her. She almost repeated what she had done at the table on Monday. She held her chin in her left hand, raised her head, and planted an enormous, deep, long, kiss straight onto her mouth. Tongues were moving between, messages were being sent, the dear girl was wriggling in her seat. Quietly, very softly, as mouths parted she said, "Yes". She was one of us.

Her right hand held the chestnut child's left breast, gently stroking her newly pierced nipple. She bent down and kissed them both. First she kissed the left nipple, then the right. They were truly much bigger. They appeared to have grown with her stature.


Dinner was coming to an end.

We began to say our "good byes", agreeing to meet in my lawyer's office at midday on Monday.

We had t

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