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Haunted house is both scary and sexy. XXX Video

Beginning of a submissive relationship.

I stopped, and said, "No, I can't hit a helpless woman." It was true. I don't hit women, and, as Hannah had found out the night before, I don't rape them, either. Candy started to smile like she was safe.

I had Hannah help me pick her up. We recuffed her hands in front and pulled them up so she was on her tiptoes. Her ankles were still tied. Then I ripped her clothes off. Once she was naked, I ran my fingertips up and down her ribs, very gently. She freaked. I experimented. She totally freaked. She is the most ticklish person I have ever seen.

I stepped back and stared into her eyes for a couple of minutes. Finally I spoke to her. "I want you to think of everything you have done to me, and everything you intended to do to me. This is the payback." Then I turned to Hannah and said, "OK, Hannah, I want you to tickle her until I tell you to stop. If you can make her pass out or go insane, I'll give you a special reward." I turned and walked over toward Ming.

Behind me, I could hear Candy. She suddenly sounded hysterical. She was pleading with Hannah. "Please, Hannah, don't do it. Please. I'll do anything for you. Please." Then she started to shriek. I watched her for a minute. She only shrieked a bit, and then it was like she didn't have enough breath to make much noise. What sound she did make I would describe as a sort of keening. She had thrashed at first, but then she went rigid. Hannah just kept tickling her.

I knew from before that Ming had an incredibly sensitive cunt. When they had made me lick her for two hours, she had come almost the whole time, and she had frequently pulled away from me when it got too intense for her. I went to the wall and opened some of the cabinets, looking for a special vibrator. In the third cabinet, I found it. You've seen them. They aren't battery run; they plug into the wall. The head is like a ball

Ming's eyes got very wide when I returned to where she was tied to the bed. "Please don't," she said, "I can't stand vibrators. They are too intense for me." I just smiled and got some rope. I tied the rope to the vibrator cord so I could hang it head down. Then I tied it off to one of the eyebolts on the ceiling so that it hung down with the head swinging right against her pussy. She was begging constantly for me not to do it. When I had it right, I plugged it in and turned it on.

Instantly, she started thrashing, and in about 20 seconds she started to come hard. Once she started, it was continuous. In about a minute she was covered in sweat and unable to make words. All that was coming out of her mouth was something that sounded like a cross between screaming and moaning.

I went over to a chair and sat down to watch. After a few minutes, I had an idea, so I went and got a battery operated vibrator. I gave it to Hannah, and she used it on Candy with one hand while tickling her with the other. In a short time, Candy was coming as hard and steady as Ming. After watching another half hour, I called a halt. Both women were barely conscious.

We released them and carried them both upstairs. Hannah had a big hot tub, so we carried them into the hot water and turned on the jets and air. After soaking for a while, we got out and I dried them off while Hannah put some shock chemical into the hot tub. They had both been pretty sweaty, and you are really supposed to be clean when you get into a hot tub.

Once we were done, we carried them into the living room and laid them out on a couple of the sofas. They were both still pretty limp. Candy tried to talk once, but she still wasn't coherent. We left them on the sofa, and Hannah gave me a tour of her house. It is a grand house.

The house is about 9,000 square feet on several levels, and there are several gardens and terraces.

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