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A female trucker's bittersweet story

Her pussy mound strained against the frail material. She lay back over the edge of the bed and very lightly fingered her clit as she slowly spread her legs. Suddenly the thin panties snapped and the material flew across her mound, draping her hand. Lena sat up in shock and stared down at her pussy. I pulled her legs apart and started laughing hysterically. Her extreme wetness had dissolved the crotch of the edible panties. Her own laughter caused her to roll into a ball on her side, clutching her stomach.
When the tears of laughter cleared my eyes, I picked up the dildo and pulled her over onto her back. She continued a mild giggle until I started to lubricate the rubber cock by sliding its full length up and down her wet slit. There was never a lack of lubrication with Lena.

After some time Lena started to react by pumping her hips slightly to match my strokes. I pulled her feet up to rest on the edge of the bed, and spread her knees wide. I was afforded a great shot of her spread pussy, her lips lain apart from the dildo. Her cute little pucker hole was accessible and I began a slow process of inserting one head of the cock inside. She moaned as she reached for her clit and started slowly manipulating the tiny bud. I worked the dildo in and out of her ass until I had reached a depth approximating half its length. Then I doubled the flexible rubber over and easily slid the opposite head into her pussy. Lena's moans turned into guttural grunts as I pushed the dildo to its max. I hooked my finger into the bulbous dildo now fucking both of her glorious holes and began a slow pump. I allowed my thumb to bump against her clit with every forward stroke, interrupting her own finger action. She was spectacular. Her hips thrust in perfect unison to my pumping and we increased the pace at exactly the same instances. There was no way for me to have Lena suck my dick. She was completely engrossed and bucking wildly against my pumping grip. Once again she came hard. Her legs clamped together, stopping my action, and her body jerked and convulsed as her orgasm spread. She gradually relaxed and I removed the slick dildo. I lay down beside her, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. My robe was draped open and my cock stood tall, pre-cum dripping from the head. Looking straight up at the ceiling, Lena reached over and started gently stroking my cock. "Give me just a minute," she said.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the easy caresses. In time Lena rose and straddled my head in a classic 69 position. She spread her legs and lowered her drenched cunt to my face as she took my cock down her throat. I strained my neck forward to thrust my tongue inside her, and lapped at her juices. Those familiar pressures on my cock were going to make me cum sooner than I wanted. I lunged at her pussy with my face and sucked her lips hard into my mouth. Standing with tradition, I started to cum in only a short time. With one hand on each of her ass cheeks, I pulled her pussy hard to my mouth as I shot my cum into her throat. I wanted to crawl inside her, and wished for my tongue to be as long as the rubber cock I had just fucked her with. When she had sucked me dry, Lena rolled off to the side and lay next to me, her legs stretched out on the bed in the direction opposite mine. I was in a complete state of relaxation and could have slept easily.

Lena was the first to speak.