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He has hot, wet fun with Mom.

I slid up behind her and rested my chin on her shoulder.

Wrapping my arms around her mid-section and kissing her on the cheek, "Thanks lady... this means mean a lot to me."

"Baby as much as you do for me, this is light weight." You kiss me back before turning back to the window.

It was maybe ten minutes before we reached our destination. We got out and she had the biggest grin on her face. Meanwhile I was still clueless, we walk over to a little shack. There we were greeted by the clerk, who instructs us to follow him. He takes us on a narrow path into the woods. I look back at Jas and she's still grinning. I'm leery as hell, but I press on. We walk about a half a football field in to brush before we reach a clearing. My heart sinks a little as I see a helicopter awaiting our entry. "Really?" I look back at her, and she simply smile and shrug. "I am going to get you." I snarl as we boarded the tiny air craft, I was nervous and excited at the same time. We went up and before long the sights captured my full attention. Jasmine grabbed my hand and squeezed tight. I knew she was in awe just as I was. We flew around several snowcapped peaks. Words couldn't describe the beauty my eyes met.

The tour lasted about 45 minutes but the memories will last a life time. After the tour we hit the shopping district. We really didn't see too much that we could use back home in Miami, but the Nike outlet had a pretty decent selection of shoes. I grabbed 1 pair for her and 2 for myself. We hit a few other stores but only picked up a few more items. She had to have these Gucci frames she laid eyes on. After shopping she took me to an indoor skydive experience. We had a blast, before we knew it, dinner time was upon us. Reservations had been made downtown at The Famous Steak House. I ordered their signature dish and wasn't disappointed. Jas on the other hand, ordered a damn chef's salad. I was appalled. I made no mentions of it though, in my head it didn't make sense to go to a place known for steaks and get a damn salad. I didn't want any problems so I let it rest in my mind.

By the time dinner was complete it was about 9:30p.m. but 11:30p.m. to our bodies. I was beat after an all-day affair with wifey. It was written all over her face too. When we got back to the cabin we showered and sat out by the fire place. She tried her damnedest to make googly eyes at me but the struggle to keep them open was too overbearing for my honey bun. I played in her hair as she dozed in to her slumber as she laid on my chest. It was no better feeling in the world. When I knew she was good and sleep I put her in the bed and tucked her in. I went and checked a few things on my laptop before I joined her.

We woke up some kind of late Sunday morning. Our flight was set for 10:30am and it was already 9am. Granted I hadn't slept that good in what felt like years. We were in a mad dash to get to the airport. At 9:15am the driver was already ringing the doorbell. I rushed up front and let him know we'd be a few minutes more. Turning around dashed back to finish getting ready. I still made time to grab Jasmine's ass every time we passed each other.

"Boy you know we are already late, you keep on."

"What? What I do?" I put on a puzzled look.

"I got you punk." We chuckled. I went back to brushing my teeth and she went back into the room. Few seconds later I saw her approaching in the mirror. I tried to be discrete as I turned to grab her soft ass again but she reached back and grabbed my tool.

(Cough) I had to cover my mouth to keep from spitting tooth paste on her back. "Awww man you cheating."

"No such thing baby." She kissed my forehead. "Now hurry up so we can get gone."

I finished getting ready with the biggest smile on my face.