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Salesman's visit with two country girls comes to an end. XXX Video

Hillary faces second challenge - another stranger to please.

Her eyes roll into the back of her head when I finally hilt myself inside her, a massive spray of clear girlcum erupting from between our union as Allie falls unconscious in my arms, her body still wracked with jerks as her orgasm continues.

Not backing down for a second (hey, she requested it), I start to fuck her good, taking long and quick strokes, hitting every button and sweet spot in her overactive sexpot. Every hilt brings another spasm, her perfect breasts jiggling up, down, side to side, and in my face as I give it to her. Mixing it up, I put her face-down, ass-up on the soaked sheets. I hold her arms behind her back and above her asshole as I pound her pussy for everything it's worth. (Tip: it's worth killing for.) My testicles are begging for release, but I persevere thanks to my wish and keep on. My dick pulses in tandem with my heartbeat, upgrading the pleasure. Not only does my cockhead pound against her cervix every time I hilt, but her tunnel constricts around me like a vice while her entrance clenches around my base, dragging delightfully on every backthrust, seemingly begging my dick to stay in. Her puffy, angry folds and tight, cushiony ass absorb my impact each thrust, sending a modest ripple through her toned, tanned skin. I smile and think to myself, This is heaven on earth. I peer down to look at her face against the bed, and her eyes are fully white, half-closed, with her cute mouth gaped and leaking drool in a small puddle across the already ruined sheets.

I stay there like that with her for a solid hour, swapping between positions with her limp, sexy body, fucking her into her dreams and keeping her in a perpetual state of orgasm. She is long past drenched in our mixed fluids, and I'm drenched as well; from the waist-down in fem-cum, and from the hips up in sweat from the exertion. Our skin shines like we were oiled bathers at an exotic beach, glinting from the late-morning sunlight coming through my hotel room window. Finally, I call it. I prepare my load by pinning her body against a wall, ramming my dick up against her cervix with every thrust. I pummel her faster and faster, my heavy balls assailing her asshole with each swing, which has swollen from a tight star to a raised, puffy, and sensitive mini-doughnut, caressing my sack with each swing. My cum-factories ache with need as I telepathically send a thought to wake her up from her orgasmic stupor to let her see the finale. Allie moans and talks dirty as I ramp myself up for a huge load.

"Yes, yes, Yes! Fuck my slutty hole! God, your dick made me fucking pass out! Fuck, fuckfuckfuck, Yes! Pound me! Pound your genie, Alex! Destroy my fucking pussy!" she screams.

That gives me what I need. My nuts supernaturally bloat with cum, reaching far past the size of oranges, almost half as big as her tits. I make short, deep, choppy thrusts against the entrance to her womb, feeling its resistance crumble after over an hour of assault. Every time I hilt in her, the crown of my thick dick pushes in farther. Our eyes lock together as we both realize what's about to happen.

"Do it! Fucking do it, Alex! Shove that cock in my womb! Fill me up with your hot fucking jizz!"

I roar as I give one final thrust into her, the crown of my cock piercing her cervix and plowing into her womb, the top of my balls pressing against her strong thighs and winking asshole as I take her as deep as I can on my rod, effectively spearing her on my bloating cucumber.

She screams when I do, wrapping her legs around me and trying to push me in farther.

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