More after school fun with Krista & Margaret. XXX Images

Chapter 3.


He grinned and dropped the towel on the coffee table and put his hands on his hips.

"Did you know that you're the favorite stroke fantasy for all my friends, and probably most of their dads? I know a couple moms that wouldn't mind getting a little pie..."

"No, you can't talk to me like tha..."

"Yeah, whatever." Tim laughed, smiling down at her. "But I want you to show me your tits Mom. I mean, you got to stare at my cock, so it's only fair I get to see your tits. I mean, that's why you didn't wear a bra, right? So I could see them jiggle and bounce under that blouse?"

"Tim! What the hell has gotten into you?" Carla said as she felt her nipples stiffening under her blouse.

"Years of pent-up frustration Mom." He laughed. "I've been jerking off to fantasies about you since the first time my dick got hard. I still stoke off thinking about you a couple times a day."

He went on before Carla could say anything.

"Be honest." He said. "You've never played with yourself thinking about me? I know some of your friends do. I watched Mrs. Carlson do it at that pool party she had last yea..."

"Virginia Carlson masturbated while she was thinking about you?" Carla gasped.

"Yeah, I had been teasing her all afternoon, and she finally went into that little cabana they have in back and stroked one out. I'm surprised no one heard her, she was making so much noise."

"But I still want to see your tits Mom." He said as he pulled the coffee table away from the couch then stepped over it. He stood right in front of her and said, "Come on, you take that blouse off, and I'll take my shorts off. We can just check each other out a little."

"No Tim, this is wrong." Carla said softly. "What you're talking about is..."

"When was the last time you got laid Mom?" Tim asked as he pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. "Unless you're fucking somebody at work, it had to be that guy you brought from the convention two years ago. And I don't think he was any good, cuz he was out of here in less than an hour."

"Tim...please, put your shorts back on." Carla moaned as she felt her pussylips flutter and begin to swell. She stared at his cock as he stepped closer, then reached down and wrapped his hand around it.

"I was jerking off while you were in your room earlier." He said as he stroked his cock slowly. "I lubed it up real good and laid back with a pair of your panties on my face so I could smell you while I thought about fucking you."

"Jesus Tim." Carla whispered, watching his cock stiffen as he ran his hand up and down over the thick pink shaft. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why?" Tim laughed, stepping closer so he was standing less than a foot in front of her face. "Because after years of sniffing your panties, I want to bury my face between your legs and taste and smell you for real. If your pussy smells that good after you've been wearing your panties all day, it's got to be fucking incredible when it's fresh and clean."

"I change my panties between classes." Carla said softly. "Some of the exercises get me excited."

"Is what I'm doing getting you excited Mom?" He asked. His hand was moving faster on his cock, and he was flushed and breathing heavily.

He couldn't believe that his mother was still sitting there on the sofa. He was sure she would have bolted when he took his cock out. It was obvious that she wasn't going anywhere, but she wouldn't take any initiative in what was happening. It was up to him to get his mother to let him fuck her.

"I'm getting turned on thinking about finally getting to sink my cock into your juicy little cunt Mom." He grunted. "See, my cock is leaking and everything. I think I'm gonna shoot off soon, and it's gonna go all over you if you don't move."

Carla could see the pearly droplets of her son's pre-cum drooling from his piss slit and dripping down the shaft. Her mouth watered and she knew she was leaning forward, but she couldn't let herself have sex with her son.

Her hands were in her lap, and she hoped the one on top covered the other as she opened her legs a little