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A walk on the beach turns erotic XXX Video

As confidence grows...

"Come on, tell me the truth. I would be more than fine with that, she is doing it anyhow, with or without us," I lifted my body a little bit, to give him a chance to say something. He just asked in a very interested way:

"What do you mean - she will do it anyhow?"

I turned around and laid my whole body on his. I made sure, that the entrance of my now soaked, dripping cunt was touching the tip of his cock. Then I licked his lips and looked him deep in the eyes again.

"See", I said, "I told you that she is working every weekend in this sex shop to get some extra money, didn't I?" He agreed. "And you know that she is a little bitch and she is fucking around all the time. She makes no secret out of it. And now she got an offer from her boss, to make some real good money." I lowered myself a little bit and the tip of his cock was half between my wet lips.

"What offer?" he moaned in frustration. I told him a few white lies. That Carroll's boss has arranged a gangbang for her and she would get fifty percent of the money spent in the cabins. And I said that we would sit in one of that cabins and that nobody could see us, because the glass is darkened if you look from the stage into the cabins. After I told him everything he had to know, all his doubts were wiped away. And dipping his cockhead into my wet hole a few times, I said to him:

"By the way - the day it will happen is the end of another three months for you, being locked up. Wouldn't it be great to release that pressure in your balls at the end of the show? I promise you, that I'll get the very last drop out of your balls. So, what do you think?"

"Alright", was all he answered and made me almost cum. Happily I went back to tease him and couldn't wait for the next two weeks to pass.

There it was. The day, I've been waiting for two long years. And if everything would happen like I have planned it, it would be the beginning of something wonderful. A new experience to me; reaching an absolutely new state of arousal in my sexual life. I couldn't fail. It was just a matter of how far I had to go with Dan. He on the other hand was horny as hell. I was sure; he would do anything in his state, to have an orgasm. Six long months stored up cum in his balls and he was so desperate to let it all out. And knowing that it would happen today, because I promised it, filled him up to the rim with lust.

When we arrived at the sex shop, Dan left the car and gave me a hand. It wasn't the first time, we entered such kind of store to buy some little toys, but we never have been in a show like that. Carroll had told her boss about a couple coming an hour early and that we wouldn't have to pay something. But everyone, who would ask for her afterwards, he should charge five dollars - that would pay the backroom.

"You are looking for Carroll, aren't you?" he asked, "She is at the back. Just go through that door."

When we entered the backroom Carroll was already waiting for us. And with a cheeky smile she said to Dan:

"Bet, you always have been interested in seeing my cunt, didn't you?"

"Carroll!" I sizzled and Dan's face turned red.

"That's alright", said Carroll with a chuckle. "And - here Lucy." She handed me over a key. "That's for the money box."

"What's that for?"

"Oh, you put it into the money box and turn it. Keeps the window open. You are friends of mine and don't have to pay for the show", she said and gave me a wink. "I have to prepare myself now. This is your cabin by the way." She opened a door. "Enjoy yourself for an hour till the show starts." Then she disappeared at the end of the hallway.

No need to say, that I tied Dan to the chair and teased the shit out of him in the following hour.

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