Guy meets guy in first online connection.

I sent her my IM screen name and hoped that it would work. I signed in and a few moments later, I had a request to add a friend. It was Alyssa. I added her and we began to talk. 5 minutes went by and it worked. 10 minutes and still working. 15, 20, 30 minutes and all was well.

We stayed up till almost 2 am just talking and enjoying each other's company. She was curious about what I looked like, so I told her that I would send her an email with some pictures of myself. We finished talking and said our goodnights. As she went off to bed, I stayed up a bit longer and went through all the pictures I had of me to find the best ones to send. I decided on some of the more artistic style shots of me, like the one that is only lit by the flame of my lighter as I lit up a cigarette.

Just as I was about to send it, I thought about sending her a picture of my cock. I had seen plenty of her nude pictures. And I felt that she was a cool friend, so maybe she would like to see what I have.

Now, I'm not hung like a horse. Just your average 6 inches and totally shaved, since most of the women I have been with have told me that they like it better without hair and are more prone to oral sex when a man is shaved. So I took at look at her pictures again, was hard within moments, and took a picture of my hard cock for her. I added to the group of pictures I was emailing her and sent them off.

The next day I awoke and checked my email. There was only one. And it was from Alyssa. She liked the pictures I sent her, telling me that I had some talent. And that she also liked my cock. That brought a smile to my face. It had been a long while since someone had told me they liked my cock, and that person turned out to be the cheating slut ex of mine... But I'm not really bitter about it.

We continued to talk for a couple more days, sharing more personal pictures through email and commenting each other.

Then one night, she asked me if I would be interested in talking on the phone. I agreed and sent her my phone number. A few minutes later, the phone rang. For the first time, I was able to connect a voice to the body I had been talking to and cumming to for nearly a month. And her voice matched the goddess like body she had. Sounding as sweet and as smooth as honey.

We talked on the phone for almost five hours that night, and each night since. As it grew close to a month and a half of when we first started talking, we grew closer to each other. Slowly shedding away the clothes of friendship and starting to become more like a couple during a long distance relationship. We would talk every night, and some nights it would end with some steamy phone sex with me cumming very hard, and her moaning and screaming in pleasure as she came.

One night, while we were talking and laughing at some funny videos posted on youtube, she asked me a question I didn't expect. Alyssa asked me if I would like to come and visit her for a week. My heart jumped in my chest as I thought about how I would finally be able to hold her in my arms. To kiss her sensual lips. To cuddle up next to her and feel the warmth of her body as she pressed up against me.

I told her that I would love to. A half hour later, I had my plane tickets booked for the trip for a couple weeks later when I knew I would be available to go out of town.

We spent those weeks talking as we usually did. But now was added into the mix of what we would do when I got there. Of course we both wanted sex, but we were both happy if it was just spending all our time together.

Finally, the night before my flight came. We didn't spend as long as we normally did talking since I had to be up early for my flight. We said out good nights and she told me that she had a surprise for me and would see me soon. I was intrigued by this and my mind raced with a hundred and one fantasies as I stripped and climbed into bed. Soon, I was falling asleep with a smile on my face.

A few hours later, I was slowly waking up to the feeling of something soft and wet aro