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And he was even just married... From all that tranquil past, only his wife remained, but down in Pakistan. And she had given him two sons. Two males. Good for peace, good for war. Still small, but healthy. He had to thank Allah for that, as he did, every single day. And not only Him...

The soldier did not believe when the medic said that it was going to rain. And he was wrong. it was not raining, it was pouring.

They started running under the water, and got to a small cavern just before the real deluge came down. A very small cavern. It just took to sit down against the back of it and put the legs straight on the ground, to have the feet soaked in a second. So they kept their knees bent, almost in their mouths.

"N__do je... T__lko __to ni__ kvat__lo..." the soldier mused.


"That's all we needed!" the soldier translated, bitterly. Even the bumpers were almost full yet, so all that water came down with no use. It just kept them from continuing the trip. To get home. The soldier looked at the medic. "Do you have any idea, how can you get home from Kabul? It will be no easy at all... "

"I have an idea. It's not easy, but it's the one thing to do... "

"What is this idea?" the soldier asked. The medic looked at him, silent. "Don't you trust me? Do you think I will betray you?" the soldier wondered.

"Maybe not willingly. But if your officers start questioning you, to know how do you escape the Afghans and went all the road down to there, then you will have to tell them what they want to know. And you will better tell them. You would be stupid if you didn't do it. Except what YOU DON'T know..."

The soldier nodded, smiling. That medic was a smart guy too...

"Chem m__nshe sn__esh, tyem l__chshe sp__sh... "

"That is?"

"The less you know, the better you sleep... " he snorted, nodding again, looking in front.

"And you? What will become of you?"

"Well... I was a "d__mbel", when they got me... "


"It comes from "demobilis__ziya": demobilization. I'm a short-timer, a veteran, less than a month and I had to go home. So I think that they will send me home, However, we all are going home.

"And what will you do at home?"

"I want to go back to the university. They say they will make some laws for the veterans, maybe... " he said, looking out of the cave. "But I am worried, for the future... "

"Your future?" the medic asked. The soldier shook his head.

"My country's future..."

"Why?" the medic wondered. He shrugged.

"I am not against the change, the "perestroika"... Things have to change, al least for not to do other wars like that... But I am afraid that we are going too fast... You can't give too much freedom at once, we are not used to that... Someone says that we risk to go into pieces, that we will shoot at each other... There will be one republic against the other, one person against the other... Yesterday just neighbors, and tomorrow, foes... Each republic will want to decide for itself, figuring to gain much more trading with someone abroad, and not with the other republics. But it will not be so... just the economy will fall in a crisis, if the republics will try to do it: it will be worse for all...

The medic nodded. A bad scenario, but not so unlikely. For all he knew about the Soviet Union, the republics were integrated in a system where, in order to go on, everyone had to import something from someone else. If someone stopped exporting something to someone else in the club, it was bad news for all the systems. It can work well if all the republics understand that it was good for them to keep working so integrated, without correction, just for their common interest: the most durable of human factors. The old story of Menenius Agrippa and his apologue to the Roman plebs. But what if they did not understand it?

"And then, what do you intend to do?"

"Well... I hope it will be all right... But if there will be to shoot... I KNOW how to shoot... "

The medic would have liked to tell him to drop it, but sometimes you CAN'T drop it.

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