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Henry victorious.

That was part of Kate's problems. She didn't know she was pregnant until she started getting sick, and by then the damage was done."

Keni nodded. "I don't want to abort, it's not that I don't believe in it, I do believe in freedom of choice, but this baby, it's a part of us, and I'd really rather it be a natural then induced, if the worse happens."

"Well, I agree with you. So I suggest you go home and just see where nature takes it. We'll keep a close eye on you, and then take it day by day..." He looked at Harley. "And before you ask Harley James, sex is fine, just take it kind of easy on her okay...no two or three hour sessions."

With that he left and Harley sighed. "I am damn tired of people knowing me so damn well."

Keni laughed. "Hmm, guess we'll have to work on that reputation you earned so well. Maybe I can start complaining about how lousy you are in bed."

He grinned as he stood up. "No one would ever believe you darlin'. Let's go home sugar, we got a long day ahead, unless you think you're not up to this."

Remembering what lay ahead, she shook her head. "No, I promised Waylon I would be there for Noreen and the girls, and I won't break a promise...not to him, to those girls and not to you."

His eyes darkened. "Honey, get your ass out of that bed and get dressed, otherwise Patty Sue will have a real reason to bitch at me..."

It was her turn to laugh as she did as he told her and while the idea was tempting, she knew this was neither the time nor the place.

Despite knowing it was all previously arranged and previously timed, seeing Sheriff Jones put the cuffs on Waylon was hard to watch. It was made even worse feeling Leigh squirm in her arms and hear both her and Hannah's cries as the man they had come to love was put in the back seat of the squad car. Leigh was calling for him though her tears, and Keni had to swallow hard, as she heard the little girl call for her daddy. Waylon looked up at that and Keni decided enough was enough.

Taking the girls to the car, and knowing that everyone was watching, she put the girls beside the door and watched as both of them hugged and kissed him. At the same time, she looked at Waylon..."They need to know you love them Way, don't disappoint them."

"I won't Keni..." Looking at the girls, he hushed them softly and she swallowed hard as he heard him tell them that it was necessary and that he would be home as soon as he could. That they needed to look after their momma for him and that he loved them more then he had ever thought possible. "You and your momma, you're the most important things in my life. When this is all over, we're going to be together and be a real family...okay, you two understand that.?"

They both nodded. Hannah, wiping her eyes with the back of her arm spoke softly. "You promise Way, you promise to come back to us?"

"Hmm, I promise with all I got in me Hannah, now you both give me a hug and a kiss, then you be good girls and you go to your momma. Sheriff Jones, he's a good man but he has a job he had to do." They did as he asked and he looked at her. "Take care of them sis, keep them safe for me."

"I will, Harley will be by later, he's not happy about this at all."

"I know, but it's the only way this will ever end, and you take care of yourself. I know it sounds familiar, but this time I mean it in a good way, watch your back, and Harley's too."

"I will..." Damn she was going to cry, and she had promised herself she wouldn't. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she went back to where Noreen stood with the girls. "Damn his ass, I could kick it if he wasn't already sitting down."

Noreen smiled and shook her head. "You know Keni, if you weren't so into Harley, I think you and I might have had to go round and round about that man."

To her own surprise, Keni found that the older woman might just be right...

"You're what!?" Janie James looked at her daughter with a wide eyed expression, and shook her head.