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Sometimes there are benefits to working late.

" reason," Josh replied, straightening up.

"You look a lot better," Jacquie observed. "Did you patch things up with Valerie?"

"Huh? Oh...yeah. Yeah, we're okay now."

"I'm glad," said Jacquie. She came over to Josh and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek, which, in spite of everything, made him blush. He wanted to kiss her back and wrap his arms around her, but Alice was somewhere in the house and although she'd said he could continue things with Jacquie, he didn't think she'd react very well if she found them naked on the table together.

That evening felt to Josh like so many other evenings he'd lived through before - before Jacquie had soaked her T-shirt in the kitchen sink. He helped Jacquie with dinner: cutting vegetables, stirring sauces, tapping her on the ass when she was in the way. The last part, of course, was new, but he found it just as comfortable as their old routine.

If anything, they were more comfortable with each other now. Josh didn't have to worry about brushing up against her breasts or standing too close to her while he was chopping at the sink. And if she yawned tiredly and stretched her arms, he could rub her back and give her a heartening smile. It was so nice and pleasant that it seemed as though the last week had never happened; except for the good parts - Josh remembered those like the back of his hand, even though he didn't really know much about the back of his hand.

When Laura had arrived home and the meal was finished, all five of them ate at the table amidst a healthy dose of conversation, just like old times, apart from the fact that Dawn was rubbing Josh's crotch beneath the table with her foot. He was so content though, that he didn't mind it, and he even smiled back at her when she grinned at him.

Afterwards, Laura said she would see to the washing up and Alice offered to help, so Jacquie was given the night off and chose to spend it relaxing on the sofa. After Dawn put her plate in the sink, she caught Josh's eye and he knew straight away what she was thinking. It wasn't hard to know, as she was almost always thinking the same thing. He decided that he deserved a bit of reckless fun, so he followed her upstairs after a few minutes.

He found her reading a magazine on her bed, her bare, tanned legs stretched out before her. As soon as Josh had closed the door behind him, she dropped her magazine, jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him.

"Mmm," she said with a smile, leaning her head against his. "Feeling better now?" Josh smiled and nodded. "So are we going to go for a drive?" she asked.

"It's late," said Josh. "Maybe we should just wait until we're alone."

Dawn looked disappointed, but she didn't argue. "Well, at least you're not sulking any more. I was about to take some drastic measures to cheer you up."

"Such as?"

"Such as tying you to the bed and fucking you until you stopped moping."

"Oh, well, you know...I'm still a bit depressed."

Dawn grinned slyly and ran her hands down to Josh's ass. "All you have to do is ask, Joshy."

She kissed him again and moaned into his mouth, and he almost caved into her demands. But Dawn seemed content with kissing and cuddling for now, so he let it be.

"Josh," she said after a while.


"I want you to know that...I wasn't just trying to cheer you up for my sake. I mean...I did feel bad seeing you like that."

Josh smiled appreciatively. "You know that that makes you a nice person, right?"

Dawn gave him a funny look. "Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure."

"Well...I can live with that."

"So can I," said Josh, sucking one of her earlobes into his mouth.

Dawn closed her eyes and groaned. "Okay, we have to stop," she said.

Josh lifted his head and goggled at her. "You want to stop?"

"No," said Dawn. "But if you keep doing that I won't be able to."

Josh slid his hands down to her hips and put a little more space between them.

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