The Alaska trip continues. XXX Images

Karen and Mai have a Playroom Session.

His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

As I continued to lick and nibble his balls, I pushed down on back. Going lower my supple tongue slithered from his musky balls down his taint until it connected to his tight puckered ass hole. "Oh fuck," he muttered and his whole body stilled as my tongue flicked his puckered ass hole. I licked his tight puckered asshole and he groaned with pleasure. A tongue tickling his ass hole was a pleasure he'd never experienced before. As he writhed with pleasure his knees instinctively bent and moved toward his head, rolling him up on his hips to give me more access to his ass. My tongue slid wetly down his ass crack making him moan loudly.

My tongue danced it's between his balls and up the underside of his cock. Twirling my tongue around the base, Austin watched as I parted my lips and slipped my mouth back over his cock and deep-throated him. His fingers were buried in my hair, I was working him into a mind-numbing state of madness. Austin franticly pumped in and out of my mouth, encouraging me to bobbing my head, continuing with my sucking and swallowing motions.

When I pulled off, Austin groaned in disappointment, even telling me to get back to sucking. I laughed, opened my mouth and deep-throated him. My fingers never stopped moving, I palmed his packaged, squeezed his balls and rolled them between my fingers. He shuddered when he felt the gentle dragging sensation of my teeth as they ascended up the full length of his cock and back down again.

Unable to hold out any longer, Austin gripped my head and slammed repeatedly into my mouth. He pumped in and out, controlling the action until his thick powerful teenage cum was shooting out of his tight balls and splashing across my tongue and against the back of my throat. His fluids shot free a second and then a third time.

When he ease up, Austin muttered, "Fuck," he as he gazed down at my cum-coated lips.

While we were getting our second wind, Austin suggested that I strip and join him on the bed. Kicking off my tennis shoes, I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head. Thumbs in my waistband I pealed my gym shorts down and off. When I raised up and hooked my thumbs in my pretty pink panties, Austin suddenly stopped me. As I stood there he moved to the edge of the bed and rubbed his hand across my nylon clad butt. After caressing my butt and even cupping my panty clad balls, he laughed and said, "Leave them on."

Austin propped his head up on two pillows against the headboard and I laid on my belly with my cheek on his thigh and my feet up toward the pillows. As we chatted about school and life in general I watched his flaccid cock twitch as I teased it with my warm breath. While I teased him with my supple tongue and lips, he caressed my panty clad bottom. Moving my left arm across his leg and lifted his cock with my index finger. As his purplish head peeked wetly from his wrinkled foreskin I couldn't resist kissing, then flicking it with my tongue It was hard to believe this limp piece of flesh that hung limply over his ball was only a few minutes earlier so hard and powerful, the skin stretched so tight that it appeared uncut.

A virile quick re-loading teenager, Austin was soon twitching back to life. Then came the inevitable question, "What does it feel like to suck a cock?"

"It's extremely sensual to have something so firm and stiff and yet soft at the surface, and warm and pulsing with life between your lips and on your tongue," I murmured as I started licking up and down his growing shaft. I licked down to his balls, not spending much time, I sucked and licked each one. I licked my way back up and popped his cock in my mouth. My tongue was licking under the head as I sucked. My head started to bounce up and down. Austin was moaning, "Ugh, ugh, ugh," and telling me I was good.

Several times I would bring him to the edge but not letting