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The boys' first weekend away together. XXX Video

Depravity runs deeper between a brother and sister.

Seeing no end to the meeting in sight he quietly excused himself to use the bathroom. Pulling out his phone he saw two texts from Master:

"I'll pick up Danielle at your house at 7:00. We'll be going to Luigi's, so make sure she's on time and looking incredible. I want her to wear your new lingerie under her clothes. Afterwards we'll come back to your place where you'll be waiting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom with restraints attached to it. You will be allowed to watch me fuck your wife this time. If you clean both of us up with your tongue and swallow everything when we're finished you may get a reward I'm sure you're more than ready for. What is your home address?"

The second text said:

"45 minutes and no response? It looks like you're not trained very well. The best way to get slaves in line is a punishment. Since this is the first time I'll go easy on you. From now on you're not allowed any pubic hair whatsoever. If you are anything but smooth anywhere under your boxers you will not be unlocked for an entire week. That includes surprise visits that I'm sure I'll make."

John looked at the second text in despair. He'd shaved his pubic hair before, but knew how much extra work it took to keep smooth. He also didn't appreciate how boylike it made him look. He was pretty sure that Danielle wasn't attracted to the lack of any hair there, and that she liked the manly stubble he had on his face and nether regions.

At first he considered telling Danielle that he wasn't as into this whole cuckold thing as he first thought, it wasn't fair that Tom got to have this much control over his life, to the point where he would be less attractive to his wife. But then John thought again about how much this idea had initially turned him on. He thought about how Danielle over these past few days had been hornier than ever before in her life. This was exactly what he wanted before; he might as well at least see it through for a couple weeks.

John replied to the text with the details that Tom wanted. The rest of the day was filled with daydreams of his wife in her sexiest dress going out with another man. He could barely focus on anything else.

That night Danielle got home at 6:20 and John had already picked out her clothes and laid them on the bed, as he was pretty sure who would be in trouble for her not being ready on time. Danielle didn't regularly wear elaborate makeup, so she dug out her makeup kit from the cabinet.

Danielle slowly stripped out of her work clothes, making sure her breasts popped out from under her shirt as she pretended to get her shirt stuck on her head. John watched as she slowly pulled her pants down, bending over at a 90 degree angle and arching her back so he got a complete view of her marvelous curves. She unhooked her bra, making sure to hold it in place as the straps slipped off of her arms. She turned to John and slowly cupped and massaged each breast underneath the bra, rubbing them and letting out a little moan, with her other arm still holding the bra in place. Then she let it fall, turning around somewhat quickly to bend over once more and remove her thong in a frustratingly slow fashion.

John enjoyed this immensely but couldn't help but check the clock on the wall. Only 20 minutes left until Tom was supposed to be here. Danielle walked naked into the bathroom and started putting on her makeup.

"Slave, I noticed you've picked out my outfit for the night," She said as she took out the eye liner and started putting a thick coating on.

"Yes Mistress," John replied.

"And you're just going to stand there and gawk? You're not being a very helpful slave." She said condescendingly.

John immediately went back to the bedroom and grabbed the lingerie, dress, jewelry, and shoes that he picked out for tonight. Danielle was liberally applying mascara when he got back, creating a dark smoky eye effect. She knew that John was a huge fan of the smoky-eyes look.

"You'll have to dress

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