16 Sports Illustrated alien, supermodel, look-a-likes naked.

If they lead, I'll definitely follow. Forget about Donna, Kathy, Grandma, and Irene, I'd rather have these supermodel aliens.'

Only, he knew they weren't supermodels from the past and the present standing on the front porch. He knew they were aliens fucking with him and with his mind. Maybe in the way he had hypnotized Donna, Kathy, and Grandma, they had hypnotized him into believing that these aliens were Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition supermodels. Now suspecting that they could read his mind, he figured that aliens could morph themselves to look like anyone he imagined. Only, that's not such a bad trick. He imagined himself being in bed with an alien while imagining himself being in bed with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton, and even Michele Obama. Anyone he wanted to have sex with, he just needed to imagine.


In four neat rows of four, standing tall in front of the front door, there on Donna's front porch stood sixteen, very tall, and very naked, aliens made look like supermodels. Not one woman had a stitch of clothing on but for their high heel, red, ruby shoes that shined even in the dark. With them glowing green and their shoes glowing red, and with them all being so tall, they reminded him of a stand of Christmas trees, alien Christmas trees.

Not believing his eyes, one woman was more beautiful than the next woman. Only, he had to keep telling himself that these weren't women but aliens. Only confusing him, tempting him, and teasing him with sexual lust, these weren't just any women, these were very special women. These were sixteen supermodels, models from the past and a few from the present. What the Hell are they doing here in Hicksville Pennsylvania? Forgetting that he was staring at aliens, he didn't care that they were aliens. Albeit a big green, they looked like supermodels to him. Moreover, they were all naked.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe he was dreaming. Maybe he zapped himself with his own alien flashlight. There on the porch stood, Czech born, alien look-a-like, Paulina Porizkova naked, Rick Ocasik's wife from the band The Cars. She was naked. They were all naked, sixteen naked women.

At 5'10" and 49-years-old, even after having two children, she still looked amazing. She looked as if she was 30-years-old instead of a 49-year-old woman. Back in her time, she was one of Sports Illustrated 50 top swimsuit models. Matter of fact she was the first woman from Eastern Europe to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the first supermodel after Christie Brinkley to make consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edit covers, 1984 and 1985. Now here she is standing and posing naked on the front porch.

"Whether real or imagined, what are the odds of that?"

Standing next to her was alien look-a-like, Kate Moss. Even if she was an alien look-a-like Kate Moss, she was naked. Wow! What a body and such amazing tits. He always loved Kate Moss. She was the one responsible for ushering the heroin chic look in the way that Twiggy ushered in the skinny look.

"Frigging Kate Moss. Are you kidding me?"

Before his time, normally, he may have not recognized some of these supermodels from the past but having bought them on e-Bay, he had every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine ever published squirreled away in his room. He spent days masturbating over supermodels in their bathing suits and bikinis. He spent hours wondering what these supermodels looked like topless and naked while imagining having sex with them. Now he doesn't have to imagine what they look like naked anymore. Here they all are in the flesh, albeit with green flesh, green hair, green eyes, green lips, green nipples, and green fingernails. He could always dye their hair, add lipstick, and paint their fingernails.

Compared to the other models, alien look-a-like Kate Moss was a midget.

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