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Meeting on an allotment.

She maybe more mature but I began to think of her as a real time lover, there was that something that really energised that deep almost stagnant lust inside me which was waiting how to sprout out like a new bud in spring, to open out and display it's full glory and then I knew I was well on the way to another love relationship.

If ever I wanted to stop it there was no chance, love is so usual, so complicated to understand what sparks it off, what exactly it is, whether a mixture of lust and love, fantasy or sheer eroticism, I had written enough about that to know just how strong it can be, how it can really turn you on, in my case so intense I often need tom pause between paragraphs - to let the steam in my body, the thrill that has aroused my very being, free in order I can continue.

But now it was happening for real, it wasn't a fictitious fantasy -it was real time and I think Kim was fully aware of that and the consequences when she asked me how I cope without a mate.

I thought carefully before I replied and simply said; "I don't. I have to keep myself busy to keep myself sane, that I was just your normal full blooded guy who needed gratification and, well yes, love of you like!"

At which point, Kim who had been sitting on a chair opposite came and joined me on the settee, so close I could smell her nectar, something I had not noticed of her in the allotment shed, had she put it on 'specially for me when earlier she went to the bathroom?

"I like your scent" I said and she told me it was something she'd got from Avon and she was glad I liked it and hoped it wasn't too strong, because she hated women who swamped themselves in it so much that you could smell them after they had passed you by and were yards away!

"I know what you mean, perhaps some need more than others? I suggested.

She just smiled, a warm smile which made me feel good.

"I am so glad I got to chatting you up at last, "she admitted.

"Really?" I replied surprised.

"Well I have been trying for ages, like yelling good morning when you pass by me in the allotment, trying to give you an opportunity to responded, but when your response was shallow I guessed you weren't interested in chatting to someone of my age. You do seem to be slow on the uptake, Alex!"

All the time I was gaining confidence, spirited by what she had said, I realised just how much I needed a woman to love and to cherish and ...well need I say?"

"You can tell me?" Kim chirped like she had read my thoughts. "You are the deep one, like I can almost feel your stirrings inside, Alex."

"Do they show?" I replied with a question.

She smiled again, closing to me up tight then, and I felt the sheer warmth of her hand as she rested it on mine which was firmly planted on my right thigh, then she squeezed it gently, whispering that she adored me and could she be bold and suggest we went up to the bedroom.

I instantly offered my kiss to her warm lips as a positive reply and next thing she was guiding me, with her hand firmly clasping mine, to her wonderfully warmly decorated bedroom with a very inviting four poster bed.

"This is all new, Alex, the bed too, has always fancied myself sleeping in a four poster and just to make love in it would be even better, provided the partner was right, and Alex, I would like you to be that partner - would you like?"

Maybe I flushed somewhat, who would have thought such a proposal would have come out of the blue, not as though I was minding - because the notion had by then gushed through my mind (and my body) several times already and that was even before the suggestion about the bedroom.

"You're not shy, are you?" She asked obviously picking up my body language - "because you don't have to be, am I correct in thinking it is something we both want?"

"You will just have to give me some time, Kim that's all, I am terribly put of practice."

"That makes two of us so don't you think we ought to do something about it before we are both too old to enjoy anymore?"

"In can't ever imagine thata happening, "I said c

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