Sisters and friends play; husbands obey.

The introductions had been brief and things had settled into a groove almost immediately.

The two studs were nursing their beers. "What's keeping the women," said Mitch.

Howard looked at him. "Are you serious? They're women," he said matter-of-factly.

Just then the goddesses appeared. "Hi yuh studs," said Claire. She piled into Howard's lap and said, "you ready to deal with the problem, I've got, Howard baby?"

"Oh yeah," he said.

Jana eased into Mitch's lap and looked over at her husband. She smiled at him, and then turned her attention to her lover for the night. James was definitely the second place finisher in this race.

The women and their studs traded kisses ad small talk for some minutes. Claire eased back and looked at the gentleman she was playing with. "Lets' go inside."

"Good idea," said Howard.

The little group all rose and meandered into the living room. Just as they were going in, Jana turned back to the cucks. "Well, what are you waiting for? Come on cuckies, I'm sure we can figure a way to make use of your talents."

Ten minutes later the girls were both kneeling on the couch, side by side, with their knees spread wide and their naked asses pointed rearward while the two studs began pushing their cocks into them.

The cucks, fully clothed, were on their knees, hands at their sides a few feet away watching their wives getting boned by strangers.

The girls were panting and wiggling trying to adjust to the giant cocks pounding inside of them. Jana turned to her left and looked over at her sister who was gasping as she began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm starting to consume her.

"Geezsus! Claire, we're a fucked, I mean really fucked. Gawd, this guy is big. He's killing me!"

"Yes we are, dear, fucked that iiissss." She went over the top. She sagged into the cushions in front of her as he pulled out.

The big man looked at the cucks kneeling next to them. "Well, come here," said Howard indicating Ben.

Ben crawled over to him and took his shrinking cock in his hand, pulled it into his mouth and began sucking and licking him clean.

Next to them Mitch was unloading into Jana's pussy and she was stiffening herself as she made it to the top of sexual fulfillment. Satisfied, she looked to her right. Her husband was staring at her.

"Do your duty too," she said as she lay her head against the back of the couch trying to relax a little and catch her breath.

James, mimicking Ben, moved on his knees over to the black man that had just fucked his wife. Taking hold of his eight-inch tree trunk, he too began sucking and licking the man clean.

The cucks having completed the first half of their job were summoned by crooked fingers to service the females.

"Our anuses too," cautioned Claire. "Do a good job and maybe you two little fellows will be rewarded."

The cucks were avid in their attentions. The possibility of just being able to get out of their cock cages motivated them.


At around midnight the boys left. There was lots of kissing and hugging and promises to come back upon demand. Even the cucks joined in the farewells. The studs had treated them with care if not actual respect.

"Cuckies, join us in the den, and bring us some drinks; you know what we like." The two slaves jumped to the task; the hope of reward making them move exponentially faster than was usual for such requests.

The drinks were soon in the hands of their still naked wives.

"You've done well, cuckies," said Claire. "I really enjoyed the evening. Now it's your turn to be fuck."

Ben and James looked at each other like they hadn't heard the words that they were both sure that they had indeed heard.

"Come here, Ben," said Claire.

"Come here," echoed Jana. "We have to remove your cocky cages, don't we." Jana was giggling. James knew the tone; there was something going on, something amiss.

The two men, freed of their restraints were massaging their poles. At least we're out of those, thought James.

Claire leaned close to Jana and whispered something.

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