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Brother learns more in school.

Nelson." which was my honest answer. She told me that my grades were slipping and that I needed to see her at the end of the day, causing a round of ohhhs from the class. As class was let go my sister came up and told me she that she would wait on me since I was her ride home. At the end of the day I walked back to Ms. Nelson's class and saw my sister waiting outside. She stepped inside and I walked in behind her watching her ass move in her short skirt.

Ms. Nelson was wearing her usual dress and asked me to sit down in the desk closest to hers. I was surprised to see her desk kindof cleaned off since it was usually really messy. I sat down and expected her to start yelling at me for my grades which really weren't that bad. I was really surprised when she asked my sister to sit on her desk. My sister went and didn't look shocked. once she was there Ms. Nelson started rubbing Jenna's breasts through her shirt. My sister just tilted her head back and relaxed as I could feel my cock springing to life. Ms. Nelson then slipped of Jenna's shirt and bra, exposing her small, perky breasts.

She started to nibble on them as my sister began feeling Ms. Nelson's thigh with her hands. Jenna then slipped Ms. Nelson's dress off, showing her beautiful breasts. Ms. Nelson asked if I liked what I saw. I was too shocked to say anything so I just nodded. She asked me to stand up and I was embarassed since I was pitching a tent in my jeans. I stood up and they both looked down at my tent. Ms. Nelson asked me the walk to the desk and my sister grabbed my pants and started taking them off. She rubbed my cock through my boxers while Ms. Nelson slipped off her skirt and thong. I took off my shirt and Jenna pulled off my boxers, exposing my 8 inch cock.

My sister started sucking my cock as Ms. Nelson stuck a finger in Jenna's cunt. My sister was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. Jenna must not have masturbated because she came in just a few minutes, spilling her juices all over the desk and floor. Watching my sister cum, really got me going and I told my sister I was about to cum. She stopped sucking my cock, telling me that she wanted me to cum in her pussy the first time. I told my sister that I would fuck her virgin pussy after I got done with Ms. Nelson. I knelt down in front of her and started licking her lips not entering her cunt. As her breath shallowed, I entered her snatch with my tongue and greedily licked all around until she came I my mouth. I was shocked when she came and had to catch up to catch all her pussy juices. I stuck my fingers in her pussy and put them to my sister's lips so she could taste Ms. Nelson. She sucked my fingers quickly and said she loved the taste.

I told Jenna to lay down on the desk and moved into position to fuck her. I leaned in and licked her pussy to taste it. Her virgin pussy tasted so good. I got up and go into position. I began to stick my cock in and Ms. Nelson started licking Jenna's left breast while playing with the right. I reached Jenna's hymen and slowly pushed through it, taking my sister's virginity. As she adjusted to having a cock in her for the first time, I went in deeper and was finally in her with all 8 inches. I started going in and out with a regular rhythm and she was moving her hips trying to get me in deeper.

With the fondling of her breasts and a cock in her pussy, my sister came.

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