Danno investigates the disappearance + group holiday.

I already loved Maddy but soon it became more than that and we became lovers and she was so kind and gentle, I couldn't help but love her." Carmen told us.

"She gradually introduced you to me in small stages and I found you to be nice too and eventually we had sex together but only because she was there too and it was fantastic. I found out by accident when I went wrong, that I liked being spanked and dominated occasionally and you are right Danno, I am a little slut."

"But a gorgeous, clever and loving little slut." I said and kissed her.

"But my mother was my mother, she protected me from my father and often took a beating if she thought he might come to my room at night, although she didn't know he already had." she explained, tears running down her face, Conchita's too. "I loved my Mama but didn't see her in any other way until we started to train together and I helped Maddy to teach her to swim. We had to hold her and touch her together and we had group hugs and she was losing all that weight and looking younger and fitter.

Maddy treated her like another girlfriend although not sexually and I did the same when she wasn't working, then she was my Mama again, it felt strange, like seeing her as two different people."

Maddy climbed over Conchita so that she could lay next to Carmen and held her hand. The girl continued,

"I had fallen in love with you Danno but understood my position, when you worked so hard for Mama to get her the operation, I was so happy for her and afterwards she looked so good that my view started to change. I was surprised when she started to shave her pussy for you Danno and then had to ask me to help her as Maddy and I check or do each other.

When I'd finished I wanted to kiss her there but she was my mother and I felt disgusted with myself but after a while I thought 'Why is it so wrong, I love her and she loves me, if we feel this way we should go all the way' but she never showed any sexual inclination towards me or Maddy except once."

"I never guessed you felt that way, Carmen." Conchita said quietly.

"Anyway when the blindfold came off, I thought it would be Maddy with the strap-on so was very surprised to see my sexy Mama and just had to hug her but my position was so low that I was close to her pussy and I could hear the vibe running inside her so I just went for it." she finished.

"And I'm glad you did my lovely daughter," she said smiling "Now I've got something else for you, that I've wanted to do ever since Maddy and Danno broke you out of that shell you had built around yourself and turned into a slim, fit, beautiful sexy young lady." and she sat up and spread Carmen's legs and got down between them and started to lick her pussy while Maddy and I clapped.

I walked around the bed, bent over and kissed Conchita's ass cheeks and joined Maddy on the other side and watched for a while but Maddy soon wanted more than that so we watched them and made love gently. When Carmen had cum, more than once they just cuddled then got up and said goodnight and went to Carmen's bed for the night.

"I suppose I have to put up with you again tonight." I said and then received a good slap for it.

"You don't have to, I can quite easily go and join the others or sleep on my own." she snapped but couldn't say anymore because I was kissing her passionately. We had a good time and it was fun to hear Carmen cumming from her room and although Conchita didn't scream but we did heard her moaning with pleasure.


The girl's topic of conversation in the morning at breakfast and on the beach was of course, Conchita and Carmen. Maddy wanted to know everything they did and they were graphic enough to get me hard. I felt a bit self-conscious as I got up to go for a swim, especially as Carmen noticed and called me a 'dirty old man' for listening, 'there will be payback for that comment and the following laughter' I thought.

After lunch and back on the beach, I had a call from Caroline, she asked how we were getting on and I said 'just fine' then she continued to

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