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Hot girls teach classmate a valuable lesson.

Such a statement was about as far from the truth as possible. While Mandy was quite attractive in her own right, Amy's delicate figure had always drawn attentive stares and she knew it. Richard's goading got Amy so riled up that she stood from where she had been sitting, and with very deliberate motions pulled up her thin top. The look on her face was a direct answer to the challenge that Mandy inadvertently started. Much to Richard's delight, Mandy mimicked Amy's movements as she seductively tugged her shirt out of the way as well.

Back in the lingerie store, Richard had gotten a momentary glance at the frilly pink bra and panty set Mandy had been wearing. It was in sharp contrast to the rich purple satin of Amy's newly purchased set, and his eyes were drawn to her. The dark material stood out in against her pale skin. Two beautiful breasts lay hidden beneath the slightly padded cups of her bra, and Richard ached to see them as well. Mandy's lace bra was more form fitting, and her nipples were clearly visible under the sheer material. Whereas Amy's breasts were high and perky, Mandy's were full and gorgeous as they strained against the lace of her bra. Both girls were smiling broadly at Richard, and they commanded his full attention as the rest of their clothes were slowly discarded. Mandy's shorts went first, the form fitting material giving way to a full pink bikini bottom that matched her lacy bra. Amy followed suit, unzipping and dropping her tight denim skirt to reveal a dark purple thong. Her friend Mandy had a decidedly curvier figure, but Amy knew instinctively that Richard had long been attracted to her tight little bottom. She took a few steps in his direction, eyes locked on his as she asked, "So, what do you have to show us?" Richard never opened his mouth to answer as the sexy Amy reached for his shorts and gave them a sharp tug.

She had grabbed his boxers by the waistline at the same time, so that tug unleashed his already erect cock. In the same motion, Amy bobbed her head down on him, taking that glorious shaft deep into her mouth as she fell to her knees. A hand on Richard's chest leaned him back as she started to suck him. Amy's cheeks bulged out as Richard's head filled her mouth, then in a practiced stroke she went down on him all the way, sucking his cock deep into her throat. Mandy came up beside her, taking up a place between Richard's knees as well. Amy gave her a sidelong glance as that pink bra slipped off and Mandy nudged her way downward. Her mouth opened to take in Richard's cock as Amy relinquished her place on him. She looked on as her friend sucked on Richard. Mandy sucked that shaft long and hard while squeezing her own tits together. Then they switched places, each of them giving Richard a few sucks before letting the other have a turn. He was enjoying all of this, feeling first one, then the other girl's hot mouth going down on him. It was obvious to him that they had experience sharing a cock like this, but that didn't bother him one bit. They were taking longer on him each time, sucking more and more before letting go of his cock and giving the other a turn. Mandy and Amy were stroking his shaft with their hands now as well. Richard felt them pumping his cock over and over, their soft hands sliding over his shaft while they sucked him. When Amy eased Mandy out of the way again, the busty brunette reached over and unsnapped her friend's purple bra. Richard eased Amy up towards himself as soon as he saw this, giving Mandy uncontested access to his cock.

Mandy took full advantage of this, sucking and stroking Richard's cock faster and faster.

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