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Please, not in the ass, I thought to myself. Usually I didn't mind anyone fucking me up the ass, but now I desperately craved a cock in my cunt. I needed to feel it bump into my cervix over and over again, fucking me through a few powerful orgasms. Luckily, Donald didn't disappoint: he choose my soaking wet cunt to ram it into and judging from the hardness of his cock, he had been walking around with that erection for quite some time. In just two shoves he was up to his balls in my cunt and because of the doggy-style position, he was able to thump my cervix as I had wished for. After only a few dozen shoves, I could feel my orgasm overwhelming the rest of my body. I squealed and shrieked, barely able to breath as Becky pushed my head deeper in between her legs to muffle my cries. Donald, thankfully nowhere near his orgasm yet, kept pounding into me and plowed me through an amazing orgasm.

After having fucked me wildly for several minutes, he moaned: "Maya, can I cum in your hair?"

We all knew it was more of a rhetorical question, but Becky released her grip on my head long enough for me to pop my head up and scream: "Fuck yes!"

Then I dove right back in and continued eating out Becky, who was thoroughly enjoying herself. After fucking me for another fifteen seconds, Donald pulled and grabbed a fistful of my hair, wrapped it around his cock and started jacking off, the tip of his cock buried deep in my hair. I could hear him groan and buck, but didn't feel any cum. When he was done, he zipped up and grabbed both my hands, guiding them towards the back of my head. I realized what he was up to and gently ran all of my fingers through my hair. With my face still firmly pressed up against Becky's wet twat, I started massaging his cum into my hair and my skin. When he left the room about a minute later, Becky had lost all interest in having my tongue up her cunt and released the grip on my head.

She got up, pulled her clothes back into place and said: "Interesting hairdo."

I smiled as I realized my hair probably looked like crap after the little head massage Donald had made me give myself. I had to use some wet tissues, a hair brush and some hairspray to untangle my hair and make myself a bit presentable again.

The rest of our lunch break was pretty uneventful.

Around 2 pm, Henry walked up to me and said: "Maya, follow me please."

"Yes sir." I said as he led me towards the elevator.

After pressing the button for the eighteenth floor and waiting for the doors to close, he glanced at me and said: "Unbutton your blouse."

"There we go again." I thought to myself, as I undid my blouse all the way and nervously looked at the elevator display, hoping the elevator would go straight to the eighteenth floor. It did and as Henry got out, I followed him, but not with an easy mind. To my surprise and relief, the whole floor seemed deserted.

The floor layout was pretty simply; there was a large mid-section, composed of standard work cubicles - each one designed to house no more than two persons - and some meetings rooms, offices, a bathroom and a few other rooms which I couldn't readily identify. These areas were separated from the cubicle section by an aisle of about a meter wide, which ran all the way around it.

"Where is everyone?" I wondered as I followed Henry towards the cubicle section.

"They're all in there." he replied as he pointed towards a large meeting room on the far side of the floor. "Weekly pep talk or brainstorming session, whatever you wanna call it."

Nervously, I examined the meeting room from afar. Located in a corner, the room had two outer walls completely made up of windows and its two inner walls consisted entirely of frosted, milky glass, except for the door which was completely see-through. I could make up dozens of silhouettes, which were all sitting perfectly still, probably listening attentively to a central speaker.
"Take off your blouse.

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