Big Papi returns.

It was such a good feeling to know I didn't need his shitty job or his shitty attitude. I had my own thing set up and I was happy with it.

I was planning on going online in the early evening as usual. That seemed to be when most of my clients wanted to come on. I usually went live sometime after most people would be having dinner and stayed on until 2 or 3 in the morning with a couple breaks in between.

This night, I was really ready for some fun. I had filled my room with balloons, just to be cute and I had bought a giant teddy bear to put behind me on the bed.

When I logged into the room people started coming in right away. I had my regulars and a lot of them liked to just sit and chat with me between my regular private customers. It was cool and even when I wasn't going private and making money I was having a good time. It was like hanging out with friends.

I put on some music and decided to dance around. When I looked back at the room, I could see that someone wanted to go private already.

"Hey princess. Glad to see you are having fun, tonight."

"I am," I said, "but it will be more fun now that you're here."

"I see you have a new teddy bear."

"You like it?" I asked, rubbing it with my hand.

"I do. I wish I knew you liked teddy bears or I would have bought you one."

"That's ok Big Papi. I know you love your princess."

"I do," he typed. "And do you know what I would like to see tonight?"

"What? I'm ready for fun Big Papi."

"I'd love to see you fuck that bear cowgirl style, the way I would like you to fuck me."

"Ooh, that sounds like fun."

"Let's start by getting out of those clothes. Why don't you dance for me like you were in the room a few minutes ago."

I put on a good strip tease for him as I took off my clothes and danced around on the bed. I bent over so he could see my pink slit and spread my pussy lips for him.

"I'm so wet for you already Big Papi. I'd love to have your cock inside me right now."

"Oh you would? Ok, get that big black dildo and put it between the bear's legs. Bring the bear over here so I can see your face as you straddle him."

I moved the bear and then put the dildo between his legs like a cock.

"Now fuck the bear and call him Big Papi, just like you were fucking me."

This was going to be interesting I thought. I straddled the bear and put the dildo between my thighs. I knew he wanted to see as much as possible so I leaned back a bit so he could see the tip of the dildo at my pussy.

"Oooh, Big Papi. I'm so wet and horny. I just want your big cock inside my little pussy. I want to ride you all night long until you cum inside me."

He wasn't typing anything so I knew he was likely stroking his cock as he watched me. I reached for one breast and fondled it as I reached for the dildo with the other hand and stroked it.

"Big Papi, I'm going to slide your cock inside me now."

I held the dildo steady as I lowered myself over it.

"Oh," I groaned, "It's so big!"

I began to ride the dildo and fondle my tits at the same time. The dildo was nice and thick and stretched my pussy out nicely. It had a realistic texture so it felt like I had a real dick inside of me. Each time I lowered myself over it, I could feel it deep inside me.

"Fuck! Big Papi! This feels so good. I just want to cum so badly. Can I come now?"

I looked at the screen. Sometimes he would say yes and other time he would say no.

"Not yet. Turn the bear around so I can watch from behind."

I turned the bear and then straddled it again, holding the dildo between my legs until I had completely taken it inside myself. I spread my lips and my ass as I moved up and down the length of the dildo so he could see it sliding in and out of my gash. I was so hot. I didn't know if I could wait until he told me I could come.

I held off as long as I could but it felt so good.

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