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Je'Quon continues the seduction of Myron's wife.

She could even feel the scorchingly-hot blood of the young black stud's huge veins coarsing through it as it continued to widen and lengthen.

Within seconds, the young Je'Quon took his enormous shaft into his own hand to control it. He directed it's monstrous head to the lips of the beautiful 38-year-old Mona and gently parted her full, crimson lips. Mona could now taste the strong, salty sweat of the young black's cock. He continued pushing it in a half inch at a time until his cock was securely anchored in the blonde's mouth. He grabbed Mona's brilliant blonde hair with his fist while simutaneously rotating his strong hips until he found the most comfortable position for himself. And, he pushed it in another half inch.

Mona now had 5 inches of the young black stud's mammoth-sized cock inside her widened mouth. Although it was the same length as her wimp husband's pathetic cock, she could tell that it was easily more than 5 times thicker. She could hardly breathe already.

Mona's soft hands remained down to her sides in complete and utter submission as the black stud calculatingly used her mouth. Je'Quon controlled Mona's head, still not releasing his firm grip from the blonde hair atop her head. He pulled her head in and then pulled her away, back and forth, repeating this motion again and again until his cock further hardened.

After a few minutes, the young black boss of Mona's husband finally released his grip from her head. She continued sucking his massive black cock as directed. Je'Quon moved his dark, muscular arms back to the top of his black 'Vette and continued speaking to his caller.

His bold, cocky and arrogant display of pure masculinity sent Mona into a pure state of emotion she could hardly believe. She didn't know what to feel. She felt as if she was merely a toy for this young, dark stud. Yet, she couldn't help but feel that she was also obligated to suck the cock of such a powerful man. Her mixed emotions combined with her altered state seemed to turn her into some sort of raggedy Ann doll.

Je'Quon had the beautiful blonde wife of his subordinate sucking on his cock, rhythmically, for more than 15 minutes. He gently, then firmly, began thrusting his hips towards her as if he were simply fucking her mouth. He continued on and on as two black passers-by approached nearer. They were colleagues of Je'Quon and the had just parked their car, on their way towards the picnic grounds.

"Yo' Quon!" one man shouted. "What up? You getting that dicked sucked or what?" he asked, smiling.

Je'Quon covered the speaker of his cell phone with one of his hands. He laughed.

"Yeah, well ... you know how it is." He returned.

The two black colleagues drew nearer.

"Dat' the same dumb white bitch you were wit' last night, nigga?" the other asked, laughingly.

The young Je'Quon merely smiled.

"Naw! This is a different blonde bitch. But, boy ... this bitch can really suck some cock .. I'm tellin' ya." Je'Quon stated.

The two black colleagues finally made their way to Je'Quon's car. Mona had heard only bits and pieces of their verbal exchange. Still, she was embarassed by their presence as she continued to suck on the black cock of her boss' husband.

The three young black execs exchanged a few high fives as they could hear the beautiful Mona nearly gagging and choking on Je'Quon's immense cock.

"Mmmpfh. Mmmpfh. Mmmpfh." Mona mumbled as she gasped for air.

That noise didn't seem to stop the young, black stud from thrusting his gargantuan-sized cock harder into the beautiful blonde's mouth. Actually, Je'Quon reached his right hand down again and placed it firmly behind Mona's neck, forcing his cock in deeper, rougher and stronger.

Mona began to choke. She literally began gagging and coughing to the point that the black stud had no choice but to release his herculean cock from her mouth. But, he did so for just a few seconds.

"Please?" Mona gasped in a faint whisper.

Je'Quon immediately shove

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