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Widower consoled by his adopted family.

Her grey green eyes seemed somewhat out of place with her blond hair and light complexion.

"Would you paint a portrait of me and one of my daughter, separately and then one of us together - that's three in all?

We like them to be rather formal - evening dresses and our best bling. What would you charge?"

I gave her a somewhat elevated price. She did not blink and accepted, as if money was not an issue. But the dirty old man in me decided to give the transaction a twist.

"Of course I could reduce the price with what might seem to you an unusual request." She raised her eyebrows as if I should go on. "Well, if you would also pose for me nude, I would forgive the price of the combined picture." She blushed slightly.

"Let me think about that - but can we move forward with the first two individual portraits?"

"Certainly." We made the arrangements for a sitting schedule.

She left planting a delightfully informal peck on my cheek. "My mother told me I would like you."

The well-paid commission gave me enough cash to refurnish my second bedroom with an excellent sofa bed, as I had previously planned without ever getting around to doing it. I then had space to plan the rest of the room as a proper studio. It also served as an office with my computer placed in the corner next to the window. It looked professional and was practical. I bought four new canvases with gesso already applied, and spares of colours of oil paints I was getting short of.

I played around with my PC and the webcam. I found a way using black insulating tape to unobtrusively cover the small light that came on when the camera was in action. I also played with the ability to record the signals from the camera on the PC. The position of the webcam meant the light was more or less behind the camera.

Emily was on time. I turned on the webcam before answering the door. She was carrying a long dress in a plastic garment bag. I invited her to change in the studio area, but the only mirror was in the bathroom. After some small talk, and letting me know how excited she was, she went to change.

I posed her, standing, and then fussed over the lighting. I loved the strapless gown in a rich gold embossed material. I knew that would be a challenge to paint. Emily had wonderful shoulders. Following my usual practice I took about 30 digital photos of her. She was surprised the session was over so quickly. I explained that I could set up the composition of the piece and the under-painting and some of the background and dress without her present. I would need her for all the fleshy parts - I once more elicited a faint blush.

I could not wait to have her leave, but she seemed intent on lingering, so I offered to make her a coffee or tea whilst she changed. Emily strung out the tea for more than an hour, telling me about her dog and her daughter 19-year-old daughter, Pia. I could not wait to see Pia after the billing she was getting from her mother.

I suspected that I would be disappointed. Eventually she left. I reflected that our conversation had been totally neutral - it was if Emily had deliberately steered away from anything that suggested I was doing anything but paint a portrait - she quashed any attempt at flirting and came over as rather prim.

The distance she had put between us - the professionalism she had indicted she expected from me made me all the more anxious to see the result of the webcam, although I was already resigned to the fact she would be paying in hard cash for the dual portrait.

So it was some excitement I rushed to my computer as soon as the door was closed.

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