I fall for the new guy in school.

We start getting high and start talking, a lot. We talk about life and silly things that made no sense. He told me that his father had died when he was a kid and has had a really hard time. I see the sadness in his eyes and I got sad myself. He sees that I'm upset and makes me laugh.

"There's that beautiful smile," he says

I look at the ground. Did he really say that? Am I dreaming? I must be but I'm not. I feel his hand move to me knee. I look at him. He is looking in my eyes. Our blue eyes are burning with intensity. He starts to move closer. I don't know what to do but I guess I move in. Our lips meet. I take a deep breath in and tense up.

I guess he takes this as me not wanting it because he says, "Sorry I didn't mean to. You are just so beautiful I couldn't help it."

He looks sad so I say, "Don't worry about it. I wanted it too. I guess I just got scared."

With that he kisses my lips again. I was in heaven. I return the kiss just as intense as he had laid it on me. We start breathing heavy. He licks my bottom lip. This is what I had been waiting for. I open my mouth and his tongue works its way in. He skillfully dances his tongue around mine causing chills down my spine. Not wanting to end the kiss I move my hand to the nape of his neck. He moves his hand to my face and pulls me closer. The kiss intensifies.

"We should go inside," he suggests.

Now I'm really nervous. What's going to happen now? He leads me to his couch where we begin to make out. As we were walking in I noticed the big bulge straining against the crotch of his jeans. It was so hot. When we were making out on the couch we are exploring each other's bodies never touching any genitals. I begin to get adventurous. I reach down to his crotch and brush my hand over his bulge. He stops my hand and whispers not yet. We continue making out until his mother comes home and I have to leave.

That night I stayed awake wondering why he didn't want to fuck me. He was obviously interested. I began to get horny. I start rubbing my pussy thinking about his beautiful blue eyes and his cute smile. Fingering myself, I came so hard. I NEED his dick.

We have now been dating for about a week. We spend pretty much everyday after school together. In school we would sneak kisses between classes and flirt whenever possible. We are a cute couple if I don't say so myself.

Today being Friday we spent the whole afternoon and a lot of the night together.

"You should sleepover," he says with a mysterious smile. I think I know what he has in mind and I jump on the opportunity.

When we arrived at his house he had this hungry look on his face. In the living room he grabs my face and starts passionately kissing me. His tongue in my mouth was doing its favorite dance with my tongue. I was so turned on. I would have ravaged him right there if I could.

He starts trailing kisses from my mouth to my cheek and then to my neck. This causes a shiver of pleasure to run down my spine and I begin to moan. This causes him to start biting and kissing my neck, later I find out causes a hickey. I kiss his shoulder and his neck trying to give him the same pleasure he is giving me with his kisses. If this is just the kissing I can't wait for the sex.

He leads me to his room. We stand in front of his bed and kiss some more. Now it's really getting hot and heavy. I pull his shirt off. His abs are impeccable and his chest looks amazing with "Love" tattoo over his left pec. I kiss it and move down to his nipple and started licking. He then moves his hands down the hem of my shirt. I start getting nervous. It didn't dawn on me, for some reason, that after taking his shirt off I would have to take off mine. He begins to lift my shirt. I pull back nervous of what he is going to say about my hideous body.

"Get back here, sexy. I want to see that beautiful body," he says causing me to blush. I step closer. He pulls my shirt off and moans, telling me how beautiful I look. I felt so good at that moment. He made me feel like there wasn't suffering in the world.

He kisses me some m

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