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Sapphic sex is sexy, too, but that's another story. . .

This display of ownership is also very sexy.

The rippling muscles, especially of the penetrating participant, and the facial expressions of both parties often reinforce the dominant-submissive character of same-sex sex, suggesting the strength and power of the penetrating party and the acquiescence and, sometimes, discomfort of the penetrated participant. The facial expressions of the parties show that one is the master, the other the mastered. Frowns, furrowed brows, clenched or gritted teeth, open mouths, and grimaces, usually on the part of the penetrated party, suggest invasion, occupation, possession, conquest, and surrender. However, despite such expressions, the participants are also apt to smile, demonstrating their fondness for the sport in which, whether actively or passively, in dominance or in submission, they are mutually engaged. They want to fuck and to be fucked, to master and to be mastered, to dominate and to submit--and their pleasure in doing so is also intensely sexy.

Because most men find women to be hot commodities and because the caveman days of bopping a woman over the head and dragging her home by her hair are well past doing, women have acquired an elevated status that men have not had since the days of ancient Greece. In other words, as the pursued, they exercise a great deal of influence and even control over their pursuers.

Women are all but worshiped by many of the horny heterosexual males who seek, even if only for a night, to mate with them. As a result, men have been devalued to the point that some women (mostly lesbian feminists, but some heterosexual, or supposedly heterosexual, women as well) no longer feel a need or even a desire for men in their lives, to say nothing of their beds; the male of the human species is quickly becoming, if not extinct, unnecessary, and he is being, more and more, by women, treated as such. Same-sex sex that involves members of the male sex excludes women, thereby elevating the status and the value of men again (at least among gay men), to the pre-feminist-lesbian position that men once enjoyed in Western society.

Indeed, same-sex sex is dismissive of reproduction altogether, because, obviously, whether gay sex involves male participants or female parties, neither variety of homosexual coupling can result in the conception of a child. Same-sex sex is not about reproducing the species; it is about pleasure and, I submit, dominance and submission; its center and its basis is one of power and powerlessness, of strength and weakness, of aggression and passivity, of taking and giving, of conquest and surrender, in which one party demonstrates his superiority over the other and thereby demonstrates, both to himself and to the man whom he has mastered, his mastery and pre-eminence.

In so doing, same-sex sex also suggests that an anus and a rectum are as good as labia and a vagina, that semen is as desirable for its decorative and symbolic value (for example, as an irrefutable sign of arousal or as a brand declaring ownership) as it is for its potential for fecundation, and that other men can replace women as sexual objects and as lovers, once more taking women from the pedestals that they otherwise occupy because of their physical, sexual, and reproductive capabilities. If sex can be about pleasure instead of reproduction, anyone who is capable of providing such pleasure becomes desirable, regardless of his or her sex or gender. Males as potential lovers are elevated to equal (or even superior) status alongside women.

The sexiness of the non-reproductive nature of man-to-man sex is further enhanced when the impaled participant ejaculates while he is being fucked, for the viewer can imagine that the ass fucking of which he is the recipient is the cause of his ejaculation or, to phrase the same matter the other way around, that his ejaculation is the result of his being ass-fucked by another man. This outcome is enhanced, as it were, when the impaling party subsequently ejaculates upon the impaled party.

Although oral sex, or cock sucking, may

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