A young woman's first trip to a nudist resort.

I could smell the aroma of mesquite smoke on the air and I knew from previous stays at the resort that summer Saturday dinner was always barbeque.

Act 4

Lacey and I returned to our room hand-in-hand and I started the shower. She stepped into the steamy enclosure and I followed right behind. She stood under the shower head with water cascading down her body, glimmering on her breasts, making her mons shine and her legs dazzle. I took her in my arms and kissed her with unfamiliar passion. She responded in kind, putting her arms around my neck to pull me hard against her. I grabbed her ass and she raised her legs to encircle my body with hers. Her pussy pressed against my cock, holding it trapped between our bodies as we clutched frantically at each other.

She broke our kiss and whispered, "make me come."

I lowered her to the shower bench, reached up for the hand-held shower head and played it teasingly over her, working my way down to her pussy. As the spray played upon the smooth contours of her pussy she sighed at the sensations of gentle pressure delicately massaging her labia and clit. Before too long, she placed her feet on my shoulders and drew my face against her vulva and I sucked her engorged clitoral nub into my mouth. She moaned with pleasure as I began alternately licking her lips and sucking her clit. I worked a finger inside her and sought out her G-spot. Her body was quaking and she was rubbing my face with her sex and finally her thighs clamped hard against my head as she came with wild abandon. When she released me, I sat back to admire her body while she recovered. We finished our shower and dried off.

She looked in her bag and said, "I don't have a stitch to wear..." with mock concern.

"Let me look what I have that might be suitable", I responded. I reached into my bag and brought out the shirt I had lent her that morning.

"What, that old thing?" she asked.

"Sure, it covers just enough without actually covering anything if you don't want it to." She reluctantly put on the shirt, but buttoned only one button, as if in protest. The shirt barely covered her ass, and her pussy was clearly visible when the breeze ruffled the light material.

By the time we arrived at the caf__, most of the kids had been fed and had been taken off to bed, so it was primarily an adult crowd still drinking beer and eating. Lacey and I filled plates with food and selected a table. I went to get us beers.

When I returned to the table, Lacey was talking with a woman I had met at the resort before. Cheri is a massage therapist, and often offers her services to guests at the resort. I had enjoyed several of Cheri's massages over the years. Cheri was wearing her usual outfit of a white tank top stretched tautly across her large bosom and a short white skirt. The two women were talking and I heard Lacey ask excitedly, "would you like to see?"
When Cheri said she would, Lacey unbuttoned and opened the shirt to show off her artwork. Cheri gazed at Lacey's bare chest with obvious desire.

"That's lovely, and a perfect complement to your figure. You have the most delicious body I've seen all summer," Cheri said, nearly growling with lust for the younger woman.

"Thank you," replied Lacey with a nervous giggle, then blurted out, "I like yours too." Lacey didn't bother to reclose her shirt, but began eating with gusto in an effort to conceal her embarrassment at having spoken so brazenly to a woman she had only just met. Cheri smiled and went to chat with other diners while we ate.

After dinner, Lacey and I strolled around the property. We found a secluded hillside and sat talking while we watched the moon rise over the distant mountains.

"That's so beautiful," she remarked, "and today has been so wonderful."

"Life is beautiful," I said, "and you're beautiful."

"Aw, you're just trying to get into my pants," she said.

"I find it's easy enough to keep you out of your pants, which saves me a lot of troubl

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