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I met her, we made love, will I lose her?

Are you going to cum? I feel your cock pulsating; it feels so good."

"Here I come, Baby!" I began shooting into her. My God, I couldn't believe how hard and long I came. She hit another orgasm and screamed out while holding on to my ass.

"I've never felt anything like that. Oh, I feel so full," said Sammy.

After coming, I fell on top of her but held my weight on my arms. Both of our bodies were covered in sweat. I pulled out of her and lay next to her. She turned over on her side and lay on my arm as we cuddled. I reached down and covered us with a sheet as we fell asleep.

I must have woke up about an hour later. She looked so beautiful and peaceful lying there. My movements on the bed woke her up. She smiled at me and said that's the best sex she has ever had and then asked me if I was ready for a hot shower.

We got up, got into her shower together and washed each other. She spent most of her time washing my cock and balls, then my chest. I spent my time washing her breasts, pussy and ass.

I got dressed and she slipped her robe back on. I asked her when I could see her again and she told me Monday. She went home every Thursday evening or Friday morning and returned Monday morning for class. We kissed and I told her how much I would miss her.

Our affair began in September. We spent at least two evenings a week making love. We didn't tell anyone about us, but I'm sure my friends knew but didn't mention it. They knew if I wanted to talk about it, I would.

I didn't have much spare time between the sports and taking my classes. I hadn't dated anyone since the day I met Sammy. It was now October and we still had football practice every day and games on Saturday.

When she came back one Monday, I saw her in the cafeteria. I noticed something different; she came in with another woman. She looked over at me, smiled and gave me a little wave. My buddies noticed it and asked if there was something going on between us. I told them we were just friends and let it go at that.

I went over to talk to her. She acted more like a fellow student then a woman I've had sex with many times. She said hi and slipped me a note. I was then introduced to her friend Diane. Diane said she was Edward's sister and Sammy's best friend. She mentioned that she and Sammy decided to take a couple of classes together.

I told her it was nice meeting her and that I needed to get back to my table. I could tell there was a problem by the way Sammy acted. I slipped the note in my pocket and went back to my friends who asked who the new dish was?

"Apparently they are friends and are taking a couple of courses here together. That's all I know," I told my friends. They knew me well enough not to push the issue. They knew I dated white women before, so it was no surprise that I would talk to someone like Sammy and Diane.

When I was alone, I read the note that Sammy gave me. It said that she and Diane were going out for dinner that evening and that she couldn't see me until Wednesday. She never told me who Edward was and I have to say it bothered me.

I did show up on Wednesday and Sammy apologized to me. She said that she had lied to me and was so sorry. "Lied about what?" I asked. "Who is Edward? Apparently it's Diane's, whoever she is, brother."
Sammy had tears in her eyes. "Edward is my fianc__. I don't really love him but it's somewhat of a setup of my parents. I'm so sorry that I lied to you. It's just that when I first met you I liked you. I didn't know I would fall for you but after making love with you, I felt differently. I can understand if you hate me and want to leave."

"Where is Diane now?" I asked.

"She has a boyfriend that lives and works in town. She stays with him Monday through Thursday and then the two of us ride home together. If he's busy, Diane and I somewhat hangout together. Needless to say, she doesn't know about you."

"So what do I mean to you? Just a fuck, since you've never been with a black guy."

"How can you say that? No, I don't sleep around; I have told you the truth except about Edward?" Sammy

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