Young lady gets a lesson about sexual harassment.

Or so I thought.

I received a call from Tank, asking me to come over to the rear stable, fast. When I got there he explained that the Anderson brothers had rolled up to hire a couple of hacks for a day's riding. Sally had been directed to saddle up for them. Unfortunately, instead of waiting in the yard as was the normal custom, Tank had just seen them going into the rear stable, even though it was posted as staff only.

"I didn't want to go in and upset customers," Tank told me, "but I'm a bit leery of those two. They haven't got very good reputations where women are concerned, and you know how Sally flirts and teases."

"No worries," I assured him. "I'll check it out. If they come wandering out and just stand around you'll know that everything is OK. If they come charging out you'll know they were up to no good, in which case you'll be free to punch them out and see them off the property."

I strolled over and into the stable and looked around. No-one in sight, but then I heard some sounds from the far loose box. Generally unoccupied, we tended to use it to keep a stock of loose hay.

Heading up to the box I could hear voices, and quite soon I was near enough to hear what they were saying. I didn't catch everything that was said, but I soon caught the gist of it. It was something like this.

"Come on. Get them down." "I'm trying. Hold the bitch still." "What do you think I'm doing?" "Not enough the way she's squirming." "She'll squirm a lot more once she's naked and spread out on the floor." This comment was followed by a couple of sniggers. "That's her pants. Top off, too?" "Yes. I want the little tease starkers."

I could hear a little more wrestling then a triumphant exclamation and a muffled cry of wrath. I assumed that silly Sally was now nude and about to be introduced to a bit of tender love making.

I stepped up to the entrance of the loose box, lowered my voice and declaimed, "All right! Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

When I want to, I can give a really authoritative ring to my voice, and I was using it now. The two Anderson brothers came to their feet and were sprinting past me in an instant, leaving me alone with a very attractively naked Sally.

I heard a couple of startled yells as the boys went charging out, straight into Tank, and then there was a large smacking sound and silence.

"Ah, Boss," Tank yelled. "These two poor lads have accidently banged their heads together. I'm just going to help them back to their car."

"OK, Tank. Thanks," I called, not taking my eyes off the pretty picture before me. Sally was sitting on the hay, knees drawn up, trying to cover her modesty. The boys had done a fairly good job, as apart from her panties still draped around one ankle, she didn't have a stitch on.

"I thought I told you to tone it down around the lads," I commented. "I would have assumed that you would realise that would also include customers. This looks like going a bit far in the teasing department, even for you."

"What?" Sally cried, shocked.

"The customers come here to ride the horses, not the staff," I continued. "This sort of thing can give us a bad reputation."

"I wasn't doing anything," came an insulted cry. "They attacked me. They were going to..." Her voice faltered, as she thought of what they had been about to do.

"So you weren't doing anything?" I asked her, doubt plain in my voice.

Sally flushed. "I was just smiling and being nice," she protested.

"The way I asked you to stop being nice to the lads?" I suggested, and saw from her blush that I was right. She'd been teasing and they'd jumped her.

Sally seemed to suddenly remember that she was naked and she reached down to grab the panties tangled around her ankle.

"Allow me," I said, stepping forward. I reached down and captured her ankle, and with a deft twist I untangled the panties and slipped them off. Sally watched with shock as I tossed them to one side.

"What are you doing?" she yelled.

"I am going to give you your second war

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