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Did he wait too late to stop her.

When I heard the beep it brought me back to and all I could say was, "call me".

Time stood still as the minutes and hours ticked by. I tried another call and didn't get an answer again. Finally at 9PM I got a text.

It said, "Are you home?"

I replied, "Yes. Can you call me?"

Jill replied, "No. Just wait for my next text."

Why couldn't she call me I wondered? Thirty minutes later I got another text.

It read, "Go to your computer and log onto the website and click on Ty's profile. Text me back when you have."

So I did so without thinking much about it. I was kind of working on auto-pilot. The computer booted up and I logged onto the website and found Ty's profile. It had been "hotlisted", and not by me, so it was easy to find. I texted my wife back saying I was on.

Her quick reply said, "Click on his webcam. Text me when it's up."

My heart eased for a moment. She wanted to talk and see me I thought. I told her it was up and I could see the hotel room. It looked like a nice room. There was a big bed in the distance and the computer was obviously on the room's desk.

The next text came... "Keep watching until you get another text from me."

So I did, now a bit uncertain. The next thing I saw was a black man, obviously Ty, walking into the screen. I could see him from the shoulders down. Then he took off his clothes facing away from the screen and towards the bed. Then he turned around and walked straight towards the camera. His huge cock hanging down. My god it was even bigger than I remembered. He came all the way to the screen, seemed to adjust the camera a bit and then walked off screen.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My wife was going to make me watch. She was going to fuck Ty on camera and wanted me to see it. Not only that anyone else online could watch them. I guess that is why Ty adjusted the screen, to make sure their faces were not visible. My eyes were frozen on the screen.

Moments later I saw Ty escorting my wife to the bed. I couldn't get a good look at her as he was blocking most of her. I could tell she had on a Duke cheerleader outfit. How ironic I thought that we were back to the original crime. He positioned Jill so she was sitting on the edge of the bed facing him, while all I could see was his toned black ass and back. But it didn't take a rocket scientist to see what she was doing.

I could see parts of her blue and white outfit from around Ty's body and then her white hands came around and grabbed Ty's ass cheeks. Her white hands and bright red nails contrasting erotically with his dark skin. One of his hands left his hips and was obviously now positioned behind her head, feeding my wife his massive cock down her throat. This went on for about 10 minutes as my wife hands massaged his ass and back of his thighs as he groaned and told her how great it felt.

My heart, on the other hand, was beating hard and erratically. Then I heard Ty grunt, saw his ass cheeks clutch and Jill's hands squeeze tightly and I knew he had just shot his load of cum down her throat. She never swallowed me but she never moved off Ty's cock the whole time so I knew she had taken him into her mouth.

Ty pulled her up and next thing I know I saw that cheerleader outfit coming off and getting tossed over his shoulder to the floor. Once he had her undressed he pushed her back onto the bed and all I saw were two white legs go flying up in the air in "V" formation. Ty wasted no time working on that pussy with his mouth. I heard moans and cries as her legs wrapped onto his back. I was in a different world; it felt surreal, like I was watching something that couldn't possibly be happening. Then I heard her cum like she was hit by a freight train.

I felt like I was getting dizzy as I saw Ty rise up and obviously grab his cock and aim it at my Jill's married pussy.

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