Naintara's body gets owned.

But slyly, Rishab had slipped in from the other side. He threw the keys on to the driver's seat.

"There you go, you can drive."

"You son of a ..."

"Better hurry up, I can see your friends coming towards us."

I also panicked a bit, it would not have been good if our friends caught us with Naintara, in completely wet clothes and her hands tied. I got into the driver's seat and started the engine. I was not comfortable with leaving Naintara helpless with him in the backseat, and there was no time for Gagan to also go sit in the back.

Gagan kept looking back as we drove; worried that Naintara would be abused again. Rishab had his arm around her, and kept smiling. I could see from the rear view mirror that his hands had dropped to her breasts, and was kneading them.

"Don't worry, I won't bite. I'm allowed to play with these anyway right?"

Gagan looked furious, and because he was so distracted, we had lost our way. We had been driving around for 20 minutes or so, and hadn't reached the main road. Rishab had her tube top down, and was playing with her naked breasts for a while. We were in a hurry to get back, and since we were not thinking properly, we stupidly forgot that we could stop the car, and get Rishab away. Gagan and I argued to figure out which way was correct, after sometime we finally reached a spot we recognized. We were so distracted; unknown to us, things had progressed in the back seat. We hear some squealing from the back.

"Shit!" Gagan remarked when he looked back. I did too, and saw that the zipper of Nanintara's shorts were pulled down, and Rishab's hands were inside roughly fingering her, and he gorging on one of her breasts. Her hands were wrapped around his head, eyes closed, and waist heaving up to meet his thrusts. She hadn't had any release, and no doubt she was somewhat enjoying this. I turned my attention back to the road, but Gagan kept his gaze on them. After a few minutes, the squealing had stopped, replaced by slurping sounds, and them gagging. Gagan had taken out his dick and was started stroking it. When we stopped at a traffic light, I looked back again. Rishab had his head thrown back in ecstasy. Naintara was bent over, her tied hands stretched out, her mouth on his long, hard, and dirty cock. His hands were on Naintara's head, pushing it down, having all the control he wanted, since she could do absolutely nothing to regulate how he fucked her face. I saw him force her face down, her lips just about reaching the base, her eyes bulging, when Gagan patted me on the head to inform me that the light had turned green. I could hear her groaning in protest and gagging.

When we finally reached Gagan's house, and opened the backdoor, Naintara was licking the copious amounts of cum from around Rishab's shaft and stomach. It seemed as if he had commanded her to do so. Her face head was still guided by one of Rishab's hands, and the other was inside the back of her shorts, seemingly trying to probe her asshole again. Gagan went up the stairs of the apartment building to open the door, and I pulled Naintara out.

"Just get inside before anyone sees," requested Gagan.

I led Naintara inside, her boobs jiggled as she moved. Her top was around her waist, and her open shorts half way down her ass. She was not stable in her high heels, and was tripping over, especially with the shorts sliding down further. So I just picked her up on my shoulders like a rag doll, with her head hanging behind me, and ass forward.

"Oooo ..."

I patted her behind and said, "This will be faster pet."

His apartment was rustic, dull, and with minimal furnishings. There was a old leather couch in the room, in front of a television.

"Throw her on the couch," Gagan commanded. I placed her down on the couch.

"I need to go pee, could you please untie me now?" Naintara said, raising her hands to me. I turned to go towards the kitchen to get a knife.

"Stop!" Gagan said to me.

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