Old friends give into their desires.

She quickly does as she is told and he wraps the cloth belt around her arms. She bites her lip as the belt is pulled tight and her free will starts to slip away. She would give herself up to him and do what ever he wanted. He has her lay back on the bed as he strips out of his cloths right in front of her. She is surprised at the large bulge in his underwear and the slight damp spot at the tip of his shaft. He is very excited as well.

He straddles her thigh and can feel the heat through her panties on his thigh. Kissing her neck and working his way down to her chest he kisses across her upper chest his chest hair brushing across her nipples. Al reaches up with one hand and loops the extra length of belt around the head board and pulls her arms up tight. Colleen lets out a gasp as the belt pulls tight and at the same moment he lays his hot mouth on her hard nipple. She pushes her pussy against his thigh feeling his hard cock against hers. He has her arms held tight as he squeezes her breasts and sucks and nibbles on her tits. She is grinding her hips against him wanting more whispering that she needs more.

Without a word he starts moving down her body kissing his way down to her panties. He slides her to the edge of the bed and she lifts her hips as he pulls off her panties. He starts kissing her inner thighs working his way toward her already wet pussy. He inhales her deeply enjoying the sent of lust in the air. Al grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders as he moves in and lightly begins to lick her. Opening her pussy lips with his tongue parting her wider with his fingers his hot breath on her hard clit Colleen is begging for him to suck her now she is dieing to be touched. Then finally his hot tongue crosses her hard clit. Her body shutters as her arms strain against the belt, her first orgasm washes over her as Al dips his tongue into her pussy the back to suck on her throbbing clit again. She covers his face with her hot juice witch he laps up hungrily.

Al stands be the edge of the bed and helps Colleen down to her knees on the floor. He unties her arms from over her head and binds her again behind her back. All pulls off his underwear and holds his hard cock in front of her face, as she looks up at him he tells her to take it into her mouth. Suck it he tells her and she is happy to comply. He is so thick and hot in her mouth she can feel him throbbing as she takes the head of his cock in and out of her mouth. He tells her to suck the underside of his shaft and lick it as she looks up at him enjoy the pleasure she is giving him. She licks her way up to the tip again and swallows him again hearing him moan with pleasure. Oh yes he groans, you are a good little slut aren't you? Suck that cock good he says as he takes her hair in his hand and fucks her mouth a little. He is very excited fucking her mouth like this Al is feeding his cock to her deep making her gag a little on it. But pulling out to see how wet she is making his cock. Her saliva was dripping down to her tits.

He then helps her up to her feet and kisses her deeply her mouth so wet and tasting of his cock. Al unties her hands and puts her on her knees on the edge of the bed again, getting down on his knees behind her he starts licking her soaking wet pussy again. She is so wet and he is using his fingers well to work her clit pulling on it and rolling it between his fingers. Al orders her to reach back and work her clit while he licks her. He gives her ass a swat and a bit on the cheek. She is so exposed to him unable to see what he will do next. He is fingering her wet pussy first one finger then two. God it feels so good to have something inside her she moans and rubs her clit faster. Al leans down fingers still working her pussy and starts tonguing her ass, the sensation thrilling her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm when Al removes his fingers but keeps tonguing her ass devouring her making her ass so wet and open.

Al orders Colleen to part her pussy lips as she stands behind her.

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