Special trip discovers new ability.

Could I talk to myself; pass myself messages? Another trip idea developed. But first I told him every detail about my visit home. "Fire up the laptop so you can read my email from me. Then we should ensure we can access our home desktop and all my notes on JFK." I dried my eyes.

Once the access was proven, I braced myself and confessed all I did, including watching Daria masturbate and cum by our pool, and how much I lusted for her. He smiled! "I know she was watching me swim. That's why I began swimming naked and tried to get you to join me. You were too terrified then, but I bet you're willing now. Maybe you can go back and seduce her and prepare her for us. She was obvious about watching me, so I suspect she's open to joining us for some naked laps and licks!"

After thinking about that a few seconds, I grinned. "I already decided I wanted her naked body on mine when we return, so why not!? Be right back." After I pictured myself standing behind her as she jilled off, I pinched a nipple and sneezed. And there I was again. My nipples stiffened at both the sexy sight of her cumming and the risk of being caught as I circled my nubbin and began to finger myself.

There was a sudden disturbance in the water, a minor splash, just like the one that had frightened me away. This time I stayed and watched for the cause. Oh My God, a head pushed out of the water and she looked directly at me and smiled broadly as she winked and shushed me. My mouth dropped at the sight of that sexy, naked woman. Wait, could that be me? She slipped out of the water and edged toward Daria. The slight water trail wasn't obvious as she stood and confidently approached the lounger. My eyes popped when she silently signaled me to join her in front of my neighbor who was still breathing heavily. She whispered, "After you return to France and Ted, you will and should tell him what is about to happen and fuck him madly. We have to be here together to molest my, our, neighbor together if I didn't want her to know about my gift. She isn't ready to hear it or accept it.

"Naturally I knew that after your special trip to see dad, you would decide to take advantage of this moment, when we knew Daria would be here like this. I'm coming back to me now to make this moment possible. Like any wise time traveler, I can't tell me any more. You figured out from your trip to see dad how it's possible to stand here, in front of her, and still be unseen. Don't go back to see him again! You have to trust me. Didn't I? Ohh, wait. I, you, already did that - or will have done that by my present time. I wish I could warn you about what you will find. But I did it and survived so you will too. Damn! Well, let's enjoy our moment." I put aside the new worry.

As I moved before Daria, I noticed my shadow was gone! FM (future me) shushed me and whispered, "She can't see us, but she can hear us, so shush. We wanted to be in her wet pussy so intensely, I came back to make it possible for us. While she's still high, let's get between her legs and gently tickle her so she feels the tingle, but not us." I was still stunned that there were two naked me jonesing for Daria's pussy. FM got right up against Daria's vulva and gently tried to roll her labium open. "While she's still swimming in endorphin, she won't know or care that something else is stimulating her. I need your hand touching mine or she won't feel either of us. Join me."

I tested her statement and touched Daria's clit.

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