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Dad joins Mom and Son.

Dad kept sucking me as Mom handed me the lube and asked if I would mind? I said no and she turned around and bent over with her ass facing me. I had a clear shot of the wet, shaved pussy that gave me so much pleasure not hours before. I put some lube on a couple fingers then on Mom's tight asshole. She told me to put some lube inside her too. As Dad continued to work on my dick I eased one lubricated finger into Mom's asshole. She asked for another. I eased another into her then began to work them in and out of her ass. I still had a view of her pussy and could not see her pussy juice start to slow run from her lips and drip down into Dad's hair. As my fingers worked in and out of Mom's ass her body began to tremble from her orgasm. Dad let go of my dick so that he could suck Mom's clit causing her to shake and tremble even more. When her orgasm passed she turned around and told me that Dad and her share a fantasy that they want me to help them fulfill. As Dad's hand wrapped around my dick I said sure Mom, anything.

Mom laid on her back, next me and Dad got between her legs. He grabbed his lubricated dick and pointed it at Mom's well-lubed asshole. He then looked at me with a sly smile and said pay attention son. He placed the head of his dick at her asshole and slowly eased it in. The head disappeared and holding it there he passed me the tube of lube. Mom's hands came up, pulled dad all the way in her ass and spread his cheeks, clearly exposing his asshole. She told me to lube him as I had done her. Dad did not turn around but slowly began moving his hips up and down between Mom's legs. As Mom held his cheeks open I lubed my fingers then ease them into Dad's ass one at a time. He was working his dick inside Mom and we got into a rhythm. When he was satisfied that he was well lubed he looked back and told me he wanted my dick in place of my fingers.

I lubed my dick then got between their legs behind Dad. I put the head of my dick on Dad's asshole and before I could move forward he rose up wrapping his asshole around the head of my dick. Mom's hands came up to my hips to pull me down and further into Dad's asshole. When I was all the way inside him, she continued pulling me down until his dick was completely buried in her pussy. I eased out some and dad got into a rhythm that allowed his asshole to be well fucked as he fucked Mom's.

He kept up the fucking rhythm until he dick exploded deep in Mom's asshole. Then he collapsed on Mom. I resumed the rhythm he had and started working my dick all the way in and back out till only the head of my dick was in his asshole. Mom reached out to me and pulled me closer to her. As I lay on top of dad with my dick working in and out of his asshole Mom thanked me then once again kissed me deeply. I broke the kiss long enough to tell her I was gonna cum. She kissed me even harder as I unloaded a hefty load into Dad's asshole.

Mom and I broke the kiss and the three of us untangled. Mom got off the bed and went back into the bathroom. Dad and I lay there exhausted. I heard water running then shut off and Mom came back with a wet rag. She cleaned me up then kissed my dick before going back to the bathroom. She came back and cleaned up Dad.

Mom climbed in bed between Dad and me then took both our dicks in her hands.

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