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She bought her first vibrator today.

They came in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Who knew? Since this would be my first purchase for myself, I thought I should take the time to read what each one did, and how they were different. After some quite interesting and very educational reading, I decided to buy a discreet pen-sized metal vibrator that looked like a Mont Blanc pen when closed. I could carry it with me and use it at any given moment. How clever! I could keep it in my night-stand and pull it out after the kids were asleep and all was quiet. I could use it in the car, while commuting to work or appointments. I could also keep it in my desk drawer at work, and use it during one of those stressful deadline related work moments, just for some instant sexual relief. OK. Sold! That was simple!

But I also wanted something with some moving parts....so I bought a pink Dolphin with a long strap hanging off the tail. The Dolphin's beak wiggled when inserted and the lower body was slightly twisted, and it had fins that moved. This battery operated toy was intended for the ass (and mine was a virgin), and it could be worn without detection from others. I tried it in my pussy first and soon found out that if I squeezed my girly parts and clamped down on it while it was inserted, it would wiggle and give me the most incredible pleasure. I had to make sure it was slippery wet before inserting it in my ass. Then I would wear it to sit at my desk, and I would be the only one aware that it was inside me.

Once I sat at my desk with my pink Dolphin in my pink asshole (I'm so color coordinated!) while I used the discreet vibrator on my clit at the same time. I was grateful to have a somewhat private office. Once I did this while I was on the phone, cooing and groaning and purring with a business colleague that was listening on the other end, while I was in all my pre-orgasm glory. Sweat was beading up on my forehead, my tits were tingling and pulsing, my lips were swollen and engulfed. I wanted to be fucked hard, and my ass was tender but exploding with pleasure. My friend had to excuse himself to go to the bathroom, for some private pleasure, and to take his story to its happy ending.

So I decided to walk around the office a little bit and see how it would turn me on. I zipped up my pants, clenched my ass-cheeks, and opened my office door, only to see everyone going about their daily routine. I slowly and carefully started walking to the fax machine, only to hear the vibrator in my ass come on with each step. It was incredible. I was wearing my poker face, walking across the room, while I could hear this faint noise humming deep inside me. The Dolphin's beak was wiggling just perfectly inside me, and the fins were digging in to my flesh. I could only stand it a couple minutes, because I wanted to scream out in pleasure, so I quickly returned to the safety of my private office and sat down on my chair....which only helped it move deeper inside my ass. (Good thing there was a long cord on the end!) I decided to wear the Dolphin for the rest of the day -- wondering when I would cum and what an anal orgasm would feel like. Could I work and cum simultaneously? Could I pull this off in secrecy? I answered email, talked on the phone, assigned projects, all the time this Dolphin giving me anal pleasure and making me hot and hungry for more. Sadly, however, the batteries wore out before I did. (Note to self: buy extra batteries.)

Since the Dolphin was two parts, I started getting concerned that all my gyrating and clamping down might separate the parts and I would lose the top half of the mammal inside me, so I headed for my bathroom to remove my new best friend.

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